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Victory Wheelers' Beaulieu Hotrod Drive-In 20th June 2010
Ace Cafe Triumph car day 12th June 2010
Petersfield vehicle show 6th June 2010
Billing Fun Run rod meet 6th June 2010
Beaulieu Steam Revival 5th June 2010
"Motorsport at the Palace", Crystal Palace, London 30th May 2010
New Forest Custom & Classic Car & Bike Meet 30th May 2010
Brooklands Mopar meet & Cobham classic American meet 30th May 2010
35th anniversary Chelsea Cruise, London 29th May 2010
Spring vehicle meet & autojumble 23rd May 2010
Hayling Island Rod Reunion 16th May 2010
Awbridge fete & classic show 15th May 2010
Basingstoke Festival of Transport 9th May 2010
Castle Combe 25th steam & vintage rally 8th - 9th May 2010
Popham airfield aero/autojumble & classic show 3rd May 2010
Windsor farm shop classic car show 2nd May 2010
Beaconsfield annual car & bike show 2nd May 2010
31st Bristol classic car show 1st - 2nd May 2010
3rd MonkeyNuts Run 25th April 2010
Derek & Pat's Beer n Burger evening 24th April 2010
Wyliez Hot Rod Shop open evening 20th April 2010
Krispy Kreme Donuts rod meet 18th April 2010
Brooklands Spring Motorcycle Gathering 18th April 2010
Aldershot stock car & banger races 11th April 2010
Mudeford classic, American & hotrod meet 11th April 2010
37th annual bus & coach Spring gathering 11th April 2010
Farnham classic & vintage car show 11th April 2010
Dorking Harley swapmeet 11th April 2010
Newlands Corner bike meet, Surrey 11th April 2010
Guildford Lions Easter show 5th April 2010
Solent Renegades' classic American car show 5th April 2010
Guildford Cruise 4th April 2010
Salisbury MAG bike show 4th April 2010
Surrey Street Rodders' Wheels Day 2nd April 2010
Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment Welfare Association charity march 28th March 2010
Krispy Kreme Donuts rod meet 21st March 2010
Wootton Bassett Help for Heroes bike run 14th March 2010
Sunbeam MCC 72nd Pioneer Run 14th March 2010
Goodwood pre '73 Breakfast Meet 7th March 2010
Ace Cafe trike day 7th March 2010
International Triumph Show & Spares Day, Stoneleigh Park 7th March 2010
NSRA Southern swapmeet 7th March 2010
Ace Cafe Motorcycle & Custom Show, Alexandra Palace 28th February 2010
Mid Hants Railway's Ivor the Engine day 21st February 2010
Bristol classic motorcycle show 20th - 21st February 2010
Great Western Autojumble & Restoration Show 13th - 14th February 2010
Al's Classics open day & "Saturday Chop Shop" 13th February 2010
Derehams Inn vehicle meet 7th February 2010
Talmag pre '65 British bike trials, Aldershot 24th January 2010
Krispy Kreme Donuts rod meet 17th January 2010
Derehams Inn vehicle meet 3rd January 2010
"Oatlands Chaser" New Years Day car meet 1st January 2010
Classics on the prom, (Bournemouth, Hants) 1st January 2010
Brooklands New Years Day classic meet 1st January 2010
"The Phoenix" New Years Day classic meet 1st January 2010
Romsey Boxing Day classic meet 26th December 2009
Chase Hospice toy run 13th December 2009
Big Al. The Final Cruise 10th December 2009
Derehams Inn car meet 6th December 2009
Reading Christian Bikers toy run 6th December 2009
Krispy Kreme Donuts rod meet 15th November 2009
Sunnyfields charity toy run 15th November 2009
NEC classic motor show 14th November 2009
London to Brighton veteran vehicle run 1st November 2009
Goodwood "Souped up Sunday" 1st November 2009
Ace Cafe ratrod & ratbike review 25th October 2009
Ace Cafe "Red Oktober" Polish bikers day 18th October 2009
Krispy Kreme Donuts rod meet 18th October 2009
Kempton pumping station open weekend 17th - 18th October 2009
Brightona bike meet 11th October 2009
Guildford Cruise 4th October 2009
Highcliffe Castle classic car rally, Dorset 4th October 2009
Carters Steam Fair, Egham, Surrey 3rd - 4th October 2009
National Chopper Club Surrey's 1st Chop n Change show 3rd October 2009
Poole Quay bike night 29th September 2009
Surrey Street Rodders' Picnic 27th September 2009
Ringwood autojumble 27th September 2009
3Bs Surrey's 3rd Balls'sup Party 26th - 27th September 2009
Farnham classic show 20th September 2009
NSRA Hotrod Drags 18th - 20th September 2009
Basingstoke Historic Vehicle Society rally 19th - 20th September 2009
Due South scooter club parts & custom show 19th September 2009
Hotrods & Choppers Windmill show 13th September 2009
Bracknell breakfast rod run 13th September 2009
Windsor classic car show 13th September 2009
Brighton Burn Up bike run 13th September 2009
Beaulieu autojumble 12th September 2009
Netley Marsh Eurojumble 11th September 2009
Guildford Cruise 6th September 2009
RSPCA Gala Day vehicle show 6th September 2009
Dudley Transport Festival 6th September 2009
Southampton MAG bike show 6th September 2009
Great Dorset Steam Fair 2nd - 6th September 2009
Rudgwick steam & country show 31st August 2009
The County of Salop Steam fair 31st August 2009
Hampshire Pageant of Motoring 29th - 31st August 2009
NASC Street Rod Nationals 29th - 31st August 2009
Arbury Hall Classic Car & Transport show 23rd August 2009
Popham Megameet classic bike show 23rd August 2009
Victory Wheelers rod run 19th August 2009
Cranleigh Classic show 16th August 2009
Wroughton ACU sprint meet 16th August 2009
Winchester Custom & Classic show 16th August 2009
Newlands Corner bike meet, Surrey 16th August 2009
5th Hotrod Hayride 14th - 16th August 2009
Beaulieu biker friendly day 9th August 2009
Wings n Wheels, White Waltham 8th - 9th August 2009
Bulldog Bash 7th - 9th August 2009
Cranleigh agricultural show, Surrey 2nd August 2009
Guildford Cruise 2nd August 2009
The Plough Inn Custom & Classic Show 26th July 2009
Mopar Euro Nationals 25th July 2009
Berkshire Triumph Owners Club show 25th July 2009
Uxbridge auto show 19th July 2009
Brooklands aero/auto jumble 19th July 2009
Ardingly Vintage & Classic Vehicle Show 11th - 12th July 2009
Woodcote Steam & Vintage Rally 11th July 2009
The Lamb Charity rod show 5th July 2009
Brightona bike meet 5th July 2009
Victory Wheelers Cruise 4th July 2009
Truckfest Southwest 4th July 2009
Ace Cafe Triton & cafe racer day 28th June 2009
3Bs' Only Fools & Bikers rally 26-28th June 2009
Farnham Carnival, Surrey 27th June 2009
Chop & Rod show 27th June 2009
Nostalgia Nationals drag meet 26th - 28th June 2009
Poole Harbour bike night & museum 23rd June 2009
Dr B's bike show 21st June 2009
Victory Wheelers SouthCoast Internationals19th - 21st June 2009
Invicta Roadsters Fathers Day Chicken Run 19th - 21st June 2009
Fareham Rock n Roll Reunion 20th June 2009
Ace Cafe Triumph day 14th June 2009
Wiltshire steam & vintage rally 14th June 2009
Reading MAG Lion Rally 12th - 14th June 2009
Oily Rags Reunion 13th June 2009
Guildford Cruise 7th June 2009
Can-Am car club show 7th June 2009
Farnham Herald festival of transport 7th June 2009
Billing Fun Run rod meet 31st May 2009
Berks & South Bucks NCC bike show 31st May 2009
Cuckoo Spring Fayre, Sussex 25th May 2009
Brooklands Mopar meet 24th May 2009
Hotrods and Choppers Windmill show 24th May 2009
Hayling Island Rod Reunion 17th May 2009
Bracknell breakfast rod run 17th May 2009
Beaulieu autojumble 16th May 2009
Basingstoke Festival of Transport 10th May 2009
Ace Cafe Hotrod night 6th May 2009
Watford Rods show 4th May 2009
Popham airfield classic vehicle rally & fly in 4th May 2009
Paignton bike festival 2nd May 2009
2nd Monkey Nuts run 26th April 2009
Alton, Hampshire bike meet 22nd April 2009
Southampton MAG bike show 19th April 2009
Sammy Miller museum autojumble 19th April 2009
Brighton jukebox show & retro fair 18th April 2009
Evesham Easter vintage gathering 11th - 13th April 2009
Christchurch Cruisers Easter Bunny Run 13th April 2009
Spring vehicle meet & autojumble 13th April 2009
Sammy Miller Museum mini steam rally 12th April 2009
Surrey Street Rodders' Wheelsday 10th April 2009
Poole Quay bike night 7th April 2009
Guildford Cruise 5th April 2009
Farnham Classic show 5th April 2009
Dorking Harley swapmeet 5th April 2009
3Bs' Last Stand rally 4th April 2009
Ace Cafe March muscle meet 28th March 2009
Boxhill bike meet 22nd March 2009
Kempton autojumble 21st March 2009
Krispy Kreme Donuts rod meet 15th March 2009
NSRA Southern swapmeet 1st March 2009
Bristol classic bike show 14th February 2009
Beaulieu Motor Museum 12th February 2009
Kempton Park autojumble 31st January 2009
"The Phoenix" New Year's Day classic meet 1st January 2009
Kissimmee, USA 2008
Romsey Boxing Day classic meet 26th December 2008
CMA Christmas toy run 7th December 2008
Godalming Christmas Lights 28th November 2008
Valley Gas Speed Shop chilli night 8th November 2008
NSRA Northern swapmeet 26th October 2008
Doncaster Custom and Sports show 19th October 2008
Kempton autojumble 18th October 2008
Brightona 12th October 2008
Surrey Street Rodders' Picnic 28th September 2008
Hotrods and Choppers Windmill show 21st September 2008
Bracknell Breakfast Rod Run 21st September 2008
Basingstoke Historic Vehicle Society rally 20th - 21st September 2008
Ace Cafe Rockers Reunion 12th - 14th September 2008
NSRA HotRod Drags 12th - 14th September 2008
Beaulieu autojumble 13th September 2008
Netley Marsh Eurojumble 12th - 13th September 2008
Busy Bee Reunion 7th September 2008
Southampton MAG bike show 7th September 2008
End of Summer Riot rod meet, Ace Cafe 3rd September 2008
Brooklands Relived classic bike meet 31st August 2008
Nova Scotia Wharf Rat rally 29th August - 1st September 2008
Dorset steam fair 27th - 31st August 2008
Santa Pod 27th August 2008
Verwood Rustic Fayre 25th August 2008
Romsey Pageant of Motoring 24th - 25th August 2008
Rudgwick steam show 24th August 2008
Isle of Wight scooter rally 23rd - 25th August 2008
Solent Renegades car show 17th August 2008
Popham Megameet classic bike autojumble 17th August 2008
Purbeck rally 15th - 17th August 2008
Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum autojumble 10th August 2008
Berkshire Motorcycle Club show 9th August 2008
Bulldog Bash bike meet 8th - 10th August 2008
Ace Cafe hotrod night 6th August 2008
1066 Cruisers Custom Show 3rd August 2008
Wroughton classic vehicle meet 2nd August 2008
Berkshire Triumph Owners Club show 26th July 2008
Mopar Euro Nationals, Santa Pod 25th - 27th July 2008
Jacks Hill Cafe Ton Up Day 20th July 2008
Kings Lynn Kruisers show 20th July 2008
Outlaws Picnic charity rod meet 20th July 2008
Uxbridge auto show 20th July 2008
Doctor B's bike show 13th July 2008
Fleet carnival motor show, (Hants) 13th July 2008
LeMans Classic 24 hour race, (France) 11th -13th July 2008
The Lamb charity rod show 5th July 2008
Towrags rally, (Isle of Wight) 5th July 2008
Motorcycleworld, Beaulieu 5th July 2008
Ace Cafe hotrod night 2nd July 2008
Ace Cafe Triton & cafe racer day 29th June 2008
Nostalgia Nationals drag meet 29th June 2008
Battistinis open day 28th June 2008
3Bs' Only Fools & Bikers rally 27th - 29th June 2008
Victory Wheelers' Hotrod drive in day, Beaulieu 22nd June 2008
Beaulieu Motor Museum visit 22nd June 2008
BMF SouthWest bike show 21st June 2008
Ace Cafe Mopar meet 21st June 2008
MAG Farmyard Party, Yorks 20th - 22nd June 2008
Hotrods & Choppers Windmill show 15th June 2008
Frimley Park Hospital Festival of Transport 8th June 2008
Wiltshire steam & vintage rally 8th June 2008
Ace Cafe Triumph day 8th June 2008
Basingstoke Kite Festival 7th June 2008
Ace Cafe hotrod night 4th June 2008
Can-Am car club's Lazy Sunday meet 1st June 2008
Billing Fun Run rod meet 1st June 2008
Chelsea cruise, London 31st May 2008
Gary's Picnic drag meet, Avon Park 31st May 2008
Nova Scotia Apple Blossom show 'n' shine car show 30th May 2008
Brooklands Mopar Muscle Association meet 25th May 2008
Canadian Mustang show 24th May 2008
Kempton Park classic bike show 24th May 2008
Hayling Island Rod Reunion 18th May 2008
Beaulieu "Art of Custom" exhibition 17th May 2008
Beaulieu autojumble 17th May 2008
Netley Eurojumble 16th May 2008
Basingstoke Festival of Transport 11th May 2008
Johnsons Cafe rockers' reunion 11th May 2008
NABD rally 9th - 11th May 2008
Executioners Spring Riot rod meet, Ace Cafe 7th May 2008
Watford Rods show 5th May 2008
Fleet Lions Club Silver Jubilee vintage bike run 5th May 2008
Beaconsfield classic car & bike show 4th May 2008
Earls Court custom bike show 27th April 2008
Stafford Classic Bike Show 26th April 2008
Poole Quay Bike meet 22nd April 2008
Southampton MAG Bike show 20th April 2008
"Run What You Brung" drag races, Avon Park 20th April 2008
Brighton Jukebox show 19th April 2008
Dakota drags 4, Devon 13th April 2008
Croydon Cruise 13th April 2008
Dorking Harley Davidson autojumble 13th April 2008
Commercial Transport Preservation Society A to Z run 6th April 2008
Salisbury MAG bike show 6th April 2008
Kent charity rod run 5th April 2008
Boxhill bike meet 30th March 2008
Newlands Corner bike meet 30th March 2008
Spring vehicle meet & autojumble 24th March 2008
The Windmill rod meet 23rd March 2008
Bracknell breakfast rod run 23rd March 2008
Surrey Street Rodders' WheelsDay 21st March 2008
NHRA museum, California 16th March 2008
Good Guys rod show, Orange County, California 16th March 2008
Famoso March Meet, California 7th - 9th March 2008
Ace Cafe trike day 2nd March 2008
NSRA Southern swapmeet 2nd March 2008
First "Hightension" car club meet 24th February 2008
National Motorcycle Museum visit 23rd February 2008
Newlands Corner bike meet 17th February 2008
Bristol classic bike show 9th - 10th February 2008
Guildford cruise 3rd February 2008
Rockers Reunion meet 19th January 2008
"The Phoenix" New Years Day classic meet 1st January 2008
Romsey Boxing Day classic meet 26th December 2007
CMA Christmas toy run 9th December 2007
Frosty Paws Chorley 7th - 9th December 2007
NEC bike show 2nd December 2007
Ace Cafe Ton Up Day 18th November 2007
Valley Gas Speed Shop open day & chilli night 10th November 2007
Dakota drags 3, Devon 4th November 2007
NSRA Northern swapmeet 28th October 2007
Hop House charity rod meet 13th October 2007
Wet Pussy Rally 12th - 14th October 2007
Dakota drags 2, Devon 7th October 2007
Brightona 7th October 2007
Jap Show Finale, Santa Pod 7th October 2007
Jukebox Madness, Kempton Park 30th September 2007
Forum garden clearance weekend 29th -30th September 2007
Hotrods & Choppers show 23rd September 2007
Isle of Wight classic car show 16th September 2007
NSRA HotRod Drags 15th -16th September 2007
Wessex car show 15th September 2007
Ace Cafe "Ride with the Rockers" Brighton run 9th September 2007
Beaulieu autojumble 8th - 9th September 2007
Brighton Speed Trials 8th September 2007
Netley Marsh Eurojumble 8th September 2007
Executioners' End of Summer Riot, Ace Cafe 5th September 2007
Dakota drags 1, Devon 2nd September 2007
Can-Am Festival of Transport 2nd September 2007
Southampton MAG show 2nd September 2007
Great Dorset Steam Fair 29th August - 2nd September 2007
Poole Quay bike meet 28th August 2007
Romsey Pageant of Motoring 27th August 2007
Crondall rock n roll club 25th August 2007
Greywell classic meet 19th August 2007
Bisterne scarecrow competition 19th August - 3rd September 2007
Yorkshire Pudding rally 4th August 2007
Wroughton classic meet 4th August 2007
Berkshire Triumph Owners Club show 28th July 2007
Victory Wheelers rod show 22nd July 2007
Quinpool Cruise, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 21st July 2007
Alton bike meet 18th July 2007
Uxbridge auto show 15th July 2007
Alton bike meet 11th July 2007
Poole Quay bike meet 10th July 2007
Dr B's bike show 8th July 2007
NCC Diamond Day show 7th July 2007
Ace Cafe hotrod night 4th July 2007
Canada Day car show 1st July 2007
Truckfest 30th June -1st July 2007
French Celtic Brotherhood rally 27th June 2007
MotorcycleWorld, Beaulieu 23rd - 24th June 2007
3Bs' rally, Bordon, Hants 23rd June 2007
Invicta Roadsters' S.E Custom & Classic show 17th June 2007
Ace Cafe classic car night 12th June 2007
Frimley Park Hospital classic vehicle show 10th June 2007
Wiltshire steam & vintage rally 10th June 2007
Battistinis open day 9th -10th June 2007
BTW Ireland rally 9th - 10th June 2007
Old Gaffers Isle of Wight festival 3rd June 2007
Can Am Club Lazy Sunday car show 3rd June 2007
Billing Fun Run rod show 3rd June 2007
Gary's Picnic, Avon Park 2nd - 3rd June 2007
Flathead Reliability Run 26th - 27th May 2007
Merrist Wood campus Summer show 20th May 2007
George & Dragon car meet 20th May 2007
Hayling Island Reunion rod run 20th May 2007
Basingstoke Transport Festival 13th May 2007
Beaulieu autojumble 12th May 2007
Fleet Lions classic bike run 7th May 2007
Watford Rods show 7th May 2007
Alton 50s day 5th May 2007
Bike Show South West 4th - 6th May 2007
MonkeyNuts forum run 29th April 2007
Southampton MAG bike show 22nd April 2007
Farnham classic car show 15th April 2007
Krispy Kreme rod meet 15th April 2007
Spring vehicle meet & autojumble 9th April 2007
Bracknell breakfast rod run 9th April 2007
Reading MAG bike show 8th April 2007
Miniature steam show 7th April 2007
Surrey Street Rodders' "Wheels Day" 6th April 2007
Santa Pod 6th April 2007
Newbury classic vehicle show 1st April 2007
Salisbury MAG bike show 1st April 2007
Kempton autojumble 17th March 2007
Boxhill bike meet 11th March 2007
Ace Cafe trike day 4th March 2007
NSRA Swapmeet 4th March 2007
Canadian monster truck jam 3rd March 2007
Ace Cafe 59 Club Day 4th February 2007
Romsey auto meet 26th December 2006
Christmas toy run 10th December 2006
Newbury classic meet 19th November 2006
Canadian Santa Claus parade 18th November 2006
Canadian Harley Davidson dealership
Ace Cafe Remembrance Sunday service 12th November 2006
Jukebox Madness show 4th - 5th November 2006
Mohawks Brotherhood bike show 30th September 2006
Chop & Rod show 23rd September 2006
Hotrod Drags 17th September 2006
Brighton Burn Up 10th September 2006
Beaulieu autojumble 10th September 2006
Netley Marsh euro autojumble 9th September 2006
Brighton Speed Trials 9th September 2006
Great Dorset steam fair 2nd September 2006
Hampshire Pageant of Motoring 28th August 2006
Allstar Nationals drag race meet 27th August 2006
Popham classic bike show 20th August 2006
Kempton Park autojumble 19th August 2006
The Grapes rod meet 17th August 2006
Calstock bike show & regatta 4th - 6th August 2006
National Sprint Association Wroughton meet 30th July 2006
Axford fete car show 29th July 2006
1066 Cruisers' Mid Summer Picnic 4th - 6th August 2006
Basingstoke balloon festival 4th - 6th August 2006
Triumph Owners Club Show 29th July 2006
The Grapes rod meet 20th July 2006
Hungerford carnival 15th July 2006
Uxbridge Auto Show 16th July 2006
Dr B's bike show, Wokingham 9th July 2006
Nostalgia Nationals drag races 2nd July 2006
NCC Diamond Day show 1st July 2006
3Bs' rally, Bordon, Hants 24th June 2006
Alton bike meet 21st June 2006
Poole classic car show 11th June 2006
Poole harbour bike meet 6th June 2006
Billing rod run 4th June 2006
Welsh National Show 28th May 2006
RAF Conningsby Families Day 20th May 2006
Donut Run 21st May 2006
BMF Show Peterborough 21st May 2006
Basingstoke Festival of Transport 14th May 2006

NABD 15 12th - 14th May 2006

Southwest Bike show 29th - 30th April 2006
Surrey Street Rodders’ “Wheels Day” 14th April 2006
NSRA Swapmeet 5th March 2006
London Motorcycle Show 5th February 2006
Guzzlers Rod & Custom Club Pictures
CMA Toy Run Sun 4th December 2005
Valley gas Speed Shop
NSRA HotRod Drags 18th September 2005
Aztec Bikes (Basingstoke) shop opening 17th September 2005
1st Annual Chop n Rod Show 17th September 2005
Brighton Burn-up 11th September 2005
Southampton Mag Bike Show 4th September 2005
Isle Of Wight Scooter Rally 29th August 2005
Allstar Nationals, Avon Park. 29th August 2005
The Gosporteers vehicle rally at Stokes Bay nr Gosport Hants 29th August 2005
Poole Bike Meet 23rd August 2005
Popham classic bike meet 21st August 2005
Stratford upon Avon (Bulldog Bash weekend) 11th-14th July 2005
Poole Bike Meet 16th August 2005
Berkshire Triumph Owners Club Show 30th July 2005
New Forest Show 27th July 2005
Netley Marsh Steam Show 24th July 2005
Alton Bike Meet 20th July 2005
Poole Bike Night 19th July 2005
Avebury Bike Meet 17 July 2005
Alton Bike Meet 13th July 2005
NSRA Nostalgia Nationals 1st - 3rd July 2005
NCC Diamond Day at The Ace Cafe 2nd July 2005
Welsh Motorcycle Show 2005 27th - 30th May 2005
You've Been NABBED 14 13th - 15th May 2005
Boxhill Bike Meet 2nd May 2005
Southwest Bike Show 2005 30th April - 1st May 2005
Boxhill Bike Meet 20th March 2005
3Bs' Rally (Berkshire)
Ace Cafe Trike Day 2005
Harley Swap Meet, Dorking, Surrey 2005
CMA Dr Barnados Toy Run 5th December 2004
NEC Motorcycle and Scooter Show 2004
NSRA HotRod Drags Avon Park. 19th Sept 2004
London Motorcycle Show
Alton 40s Day
Basingstoke Transport Festival
BMF show 2005
Northants National Chopper Club Custom & Classic Show