Busy Bee reunion - Watford

7th September 2008

Busy Bee Reunion. Hilton Hotel, Watford.
Sunday 7th September.

After a week of rain, I was still determined to get to the Busy Bee reunion, whether by bike or car. Unfortunately Sunday dawned, still raining, so it ended up being the car, as my lack of confidence forced me to leave the bike behind. Nevertheless, upon arriving at the Hilton Hotel, there were smiles all round as Tich, Steve and I made our way across the car park to say 'Hi' to everyone.
The Hilton Hotel stands on the site of the old Busy Bee Cafe, and even though there is no visible signs of it ever being there, underneath the grass verge surrounding the enormous hotel, is the original cafe floor!!!  Every year people flock to its annual reunion, where a section of turf and dirt is removed to reveal the old tiled floor. The hotel management recognises and appreciate that this is a special place for some and even lay on hot food and drinks outside, under a canopy.
This year was particularly poignant as one of the original Busy Bee guys had been making a replica of the jukebox which used to play inside the cafe.  Unfortunately he passed away before the reunion, so his wife and son made the trip to the Hilton Hotel in his honor with the finished piece!  A plaque was placed on the 'jukebox' in his memory.
 I can honestly say this is one reunion I'd love to return to!