Wet Pussy Rally 2007.


Seeking the Illusive ‘Wet Pussy’

click to view larger imageThere were just two of the intrepid Yorkshire Trikers up for this one. Most of the YT males just aren’t man enough to handle untamed ‘Wet Pussy’.
So it was left to Flash, (Tony) and myself to gather our things for the quest and set off in search of deepest darkest Sheffield and the home of the Wyld Catz, in the hope we’d find some ‘Wet Pussy’.

We were promised as much ‘Wet Pussy’ as we could handle and Flash and I knew we were up for the challenge. I even had a bath before we set off ‘to be sure to be sure’. We were travelling light as it was just the men on an adventure!. ‘Atilla the Hun’, (Sarah) and ‘Mother’, (Deborah) didn’t need to find any wet pussy, apparently they had some to hand??  I didn’t understand what they meant, but we left them at home and set off. The two VW Trikes, a Sleeper Caravan each, chairs, gazebo and personal gear, (Yes that is light for us).
We opted for the gentle winding roads out of Huddersfield and south along the side of the M1 to our destination.  A pleasant ride on a bright sunlit day. The wind just giving a chilly reminder that winter was on it’s way.
The journey was so pleasant and uneventful, that there is little to report, other than we had a stop for a chin wag and a look at the beautiful scenery before closing in on the built up area’s.

click to view larger imageAs we followed the directions we’d been given, we approached the final roundabout and indicated left. Tony’s 1600 VW Trike and Sleeper accelerated away and I grabbed a handful of throttle to make sure I didn’t lose him. THEN BRAKE, AND BRAKE HARD !!!!!!!!!  Just a word of warning to those who may want to venture to this rally, (if it’s at the same place next year), as you take the 1st left off the roundabout, the entrance to Mexborough Athletic Club, Adwick Road, Mexborough is literally just off the junction. So if you are in convoy, DON’T gun it to keep up to your mates or you’ll be eating brake lights for tea as I so very nearly did. Wyld Catz were sat at the entrance waving gleefully to try to warn us of this fact !
We were amongst the first few to arrive for this one as we’d both taken the day off so as not to be in any rush. The camping was on the sports field/pitch, so no vehicles were allowed on.

Luckily the Sleepers weigh sod all and were easily unhooked from the Trikes and pushed or pulled single handed into place. It’s one of the beauties of having the Sleepers, the beds were already made up and it’s just a case of opening the lid and climbing in if need be.click to view larger image


We took a little garden gazebo and set the two sleepers out at angles. This gave us a covered seating area, but the weather was clear and no longer as chilly as were protected by the banking behind. Booking in was efficient and the Wyld Catz were always on hand for questions or queries. I immediately asked where the ‘Wet Pussy’ could be found, only to be told that this was the name of the rally, and not what was readily available !!!!!  Always read the small print I say.
YT member Steady Eddy and his Grandaughter Shanon, (AKA Sponge), joined us and set up camp in the YT coral. Eddie had problems with his Trike as soon as he got there. We nicknamed Shanon with ‘Sponge’ because of her insatiable appetite for answers to never ending questions. Oh to be that age again! There was no coherent theme to the questions which baffled us ‘grown ups’ but still the questions came. CEASELESS. On Eddy’s Trike, the alternator had decided to do the opposite of it’s intended employment. It ate his battery. Sucked the living daylights out if it. Still, if you’re going to have mechanical problems, a rally is a good place to do it. Plenty were on hand offering assistance and guidance. I even chipped in with my technical knowledge when I proudly announced I knew what was wrong. It was F****D. You see all that ‘edicashun’ didn’t go to waste.
click to view larger imageNumbers built up all afternoon and evening on Friday. More arriving on the Saturday as well. Is anyone saying ‘Why bother’? Well even I can’t always make the Friday night for some rallies, but it doesn’t mean the experience will be any less as enjoyable if you can’t make the first night.  Don’t be put off with thinking value for money comes from getting both nights in. The whole idea is the experience of an enjoyable break meeting likeminded individuals who still know how to communicate without barriers and reservations. We were amongst a real nice mix of people and enjoyed every minute of it.
There were only a handful of trade stalls, but full of variety. I would like to make a special mention to the Chuck Wagon. I’ve been to rallies where the food from these things is poor to say the least. It can be just a trailer that chucks out mildly offensive luke warm burgers and insipid chips and that’s about your lot. Well this one not only did the by now ‘compulsory Burger and Chips’, but they also did them to perfection. Burgers were cooked and chips were hot and tasty. Also in their favour was the fact they did other things too, so giving an often lacking CHOICE in menu’s. Their breakfast on the Saturday morning was one of the best in quality and amount that I have had, even click to view larger imagebeating many transport cafe’s I’ve frequented over the years. So a special mention to the two ladies who made sure the two YT’ers and other rally attendee’s didn’t waste away over the weekend.
The venue for the Friday and Saturday nights entertainment was the Sports club house. There were occasions where more bar staff would have been welcomed, by both those who attended, and by the young bar lady we bumped into having a cig outside. She was in her words ‘knackered’ and would have appreciated more help. I assume the staffing of the bar was down to the venue and not down to the Wyld Catz, but that aside, all in all the staff coped and people were patient at the busiest times.
We bumped into the ever present ‘Team Sober’ who were there in numbers as always and I believe they took the ‘Best Club Turnout’. Nice to catch up with Griz and Jen again. One day we might get enough YT’ers to go to a single event where we could threaten to have the best club turnout, One day! But for now it was Flash, Steady Eddy, Sponge, Cesare, Tina and I holding up the honour of YT.
Entertainment was good. Friday night was ‘Usual Suspect’ with Saturday giving us ‘Heavy Load’. The lead singer of the Saturday night was ‘entertaining’ to say the least. He was a great believer in crowd participation and often ventured out amongst us with the radio mike, while he belted out his lyrics.  Our table even got in on the lighting act but there was no monetary gain to be made, so our newly acquired lighting technician gave him his torch back! I wrote the name of the band down this time, as I often forget to tell you who played when and what. I can tell you the band on the Saturday was ‘Heavy Load’, or was it ‘Heavy Road’, or it could even be ‘Furry Toad’. I must remember to write these things down before I get on the Guinness. Anyway both ebenings were good and I enjoyed every minute of them.
click to view larger imageWe spent some time amongst the bikes and Trikes to see if we would agree with the Wyld Catz choice in Best Bike/Best Trike/Best Engineering etc. All I can say about this is the Wyld Catz have absolutely impeccable taste.
The best Trike on this occasion ‘is’ a beautifully sculpted piece of quality, a masterpiece of spray-paint and an obvious used ride and not a ‘money trike’ or ‘show trike’. IT WAS MINE!!!!, (Many thanks go to Chorley, Flash, DonnKebab and Mother, for their support and input in keeping me on the road with repairs and assistance).
I have to say when we were sat having our liquid refreshments and the Best Trike winner was read out, it genuinely didn’t click that they had picked mine. Even Flash looked at me blank when I hadn’t moved to get the Trophy. It is the only thing I have ever won and I planned a well scripted and versed acceptance speech on my way to the stage. In the end I shook hands, said Ta and had my picture taken. It’s never like that at the Oscars!click to view larger image
click to view larger imageThe best bike went to an absolutely gorgeous Triumph. Everyone has their own taste in custom work, and what rocks one man’s boat, doesn’t tickle the fancy of another. But this Triumph was in my eyes the kind of thing I have in my imagination.  If I ever built one, it would come out looking like this.  In all honesty if I ever built anything it would come out looking like I had built it, and not like this show winning stopper.  My hat off to someone who can see the outcome of a project even before the welder has been plugged in.
Furthest Male went to Andrew who had ventured 268 mile from Scotland, furthest female went to a lady who’s name I missed but had travelled 123 mile from Northampton. The DJ for the weekend was Buffy who played to the crowd with a selection of Rock and mixed stuff to keep us all entertained.  Stalls were courtesy of ‘Murgens keep’, ‘Grumpy’ and ‘Sallies stall’.
Over the weekend we met up with old friends, and made new ones. There were a lot of visitors dropped in to have a look at our Sleeper accommodation and positive comments were a plenty.  We even managed to prove that a 6’ 8” goliath, (YT Member Cesare), could lie stretched out in one with room to spare. Cesare, (Geoff) and his good lady Tina had come up for the day but sadly couldn’t make a weekend of it.
Packing up took us the usual two minutes as we locked the lids down on the Sleeper Caravans and pushed or pulled them out amongst the tents to get them on the back of the Trikes. We got Eddy and Shannon home on the click to view larger imageSunday by swopping batteries part way on the homeward journey from Tony’s Trike in to Eddy’s.
Ever seen Two guys with walking sticks trying to bump start a VW Trike, when neither one of us could muster up a gallop????  We entertained some local yocal’s in a village along the way. All part of the service.
All in all, another good weekend.  Pleasant crew the Wyld Catz. My first time meeting them. I hope they can make it to some events so I can remake their acquaintance again.click to view larger image


A Big Thanks to all the Wyld Catz who put on a great rally. Your hard work showed through with a well attended and pleasent weekend. We will be back to see you all again next year.
Soon I will be venturing out to the ‘Frosty Paws’ Rally at Chorley in December. Won’t take the anti Polar Bear gear now I know that it’s doubtful I’ll see any frosty paws. Now that I know not to take the Rally name so literally !!!!!!!!!!
It’s a shame because I’ve been looking out for the ‘Free Nubile Young Wench Rally’ in the mags but couldn’t see it.
See you all there.

© Two Showers 2007.
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