3Bs Last Stand rally 2009

4th April 2009

Just outside of Newbury, Berkshire at Holtwood Farm in the picturesque remote village of Hampstead Marshall, the 3Bs Berkshire branch held their 8th Last Stand Rally.
My daughter Janie and I popped over there just for the afternoon, although it’s actually a 3 day event, (Friday - Sunday). A cheerful welcome was given to us as usual as we paid our entry fees, with an extra fiver for my van, (all proceeds going to the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust). As the day turned out to be bright and sunny, (and windy!), the campsite was packed like sardines in a tin, but we managed to get around the tents and bodies, taking pictures and saying our "Hellos" along the way. Not so much of a show, more a club gathering, with 5 bands, food wagons, and the usual t-shirts and craft stands. 
Congratulations go to Jeff Leversuch, the new president of the 3Bs Hampshire, who was happy to shake hands with everyone and beam the biggest smile you've ever seen.
A very busy event indeed! See you there next year!