Solent Renegades' classic American car show

5th April 2010

The Solent Renegades held their annual Classic American Car Show at The Farmhouse on Burrfields Road, Portsmouth. It was well organised and dedicated parking slots had been set aside for the many vehicles that turned up. 
JJ and I were among the first to arrive in our recently bought red Chevy Silverado truck, only for the next American vehicle to pull in and the driver to say “SNAP”! His Silverado, though a little bit younger, (1994 to our 1992), had also been lowered. We parked next to one another and it looked quite cool.
There was a good representation of American vehicles at the show, plus a few bikes too. Deadly Derek and his partner were there with their Diner and the Diamond T, keeping the show-goers fed & watered.
An LDV had been customised to look like a fifth wheel tractor unit. The art work on it was interesting because it featured the band Madness.  Not seen that theme before on a vehicle.
Quite a few of the Victory Wheelers guys turned up to support the event, bringing their rides with them of course.
All in all, not a bad show at all.

-Chevy Rick