Wings, Wheels, Speed and Steam

8-9th August 2009

Royal Berkshire Festival of Wings Wheels Speed & Steam August White Waltham Airfield.

   This was the third year of this event; I didn’t get to the first one as I had a PAS pipe split. The second year was cancelled due to the weather and other problems at the time. This year saw a change of venue to the White Waltham airfield, this airfield has history to it back to the 30’s, and it was owned by the de Havilland family. This is the family who made the Tiger Moth, the intention being that they learned to fly at White Waltham, then when they passed that they may buy the Tiger Moth. During the war it was a base for transporting aircraft out to other airbases. After the war it was owned by Fairey, who made the Gannet. The venue is just off the M4 so easy to get to. Camping for the weekend was free as was the booking to attend.
   Being a 2 day event Mike and I camped for the weekend, well Mike with his caravan and me in a tent. There seemed to be an abundance of bloody wasps, also a lot of Red Kites or something of that ilk around the airfield. Saturday was the quieter day of the 2; this seems the norm of 2 day events. Saying that there was still plenty going on, arena displays and parades of the cars etc. During the day there were planes flying in and out and air displays by aerobatic aircraft. Also a barnstorming style display by the aforementioned Tiger Moth and others. The evening consisted of rock and roll in the marquee, can’t remember the name of the DJ was Wildcat Pete or something like that. The live band for the evening were the King Cats, entry to this was 8 quid per person. I didn’t attend this.

   Sunday was far busier car wise than the Saturday, at one point I heard them on the radio saying that apparently there was a convoy of yank cars heading their way. There were the aircraft coming and going and the aerobatic displays as on the Saturday. It would be good that if they have the event there next year that we could get a bigger turn out from the club. The Hampshire Bygones were there, they seem to get everywhere. During the afternoon there was a DJ in the marquee also a band called Bernie Woods and the Forest Fires, must admit they were good though.
   For video of the ‘Barnstorming/Limbo’ from the event go to