"Hightension" car club meet

24th February 2008

Surrey Muscle have been well known in the drag racing scene for years now, fielding an impressive mix of high octane machinery at tracks up & down the country. They live & breath racing. Recently though, some of their number have decided to slow things down a tad & enjoy the social side of car ownership a little more, with the accent on family membership -and so the High Tension Car Club was born. They welcome all manner of American muscle cars, rods & trucks & aim to hold monthly meetings, runs, dinners & an end of year party.
Their inaugural meeting took place at the Fairmile pub, Portsmouth Road, Cobham in Surrey & attracted an interesting range of tin –everything from the Ol Skool Ford club, through pick-up trucks, scooters, a trike & plenty of Jap sports stuff, to a wide variety of big Yanks. The Fairmile itself’s a great venue for a show -plenty of open grass for showing & a large & welcoming pub for eatin’ & drinkin’. There’s also a Premier Inn lodge on site for those that want to stay overnight. Not only that but they positively encourage car & bike clubs. Fantastic.
High Tension plan to hold regular monthly meets on the last Sunday of each month.
New members welcome, whatever they drive or ride.
The Fairmile pub’s a 5 minute drive from the A3 on the Esher Road.
For more info on the club go to