Beaconsfield football club annual car & bike show

2nd May 2010

I must admit I was in two minds whether to go to this or not. It was raining when I woke up and there were large puddles everywhere. I left home around 8.30 in the pouring rain & when I got to the M4 I was tempted to go round the roundabout and go back home. When I got there after having fun with some deep puddles I found just 5 cars there, one Lincoln, one Pop and a few Ford Focuses. Parked up by the Lincoln and sat in the car till the weather improved. Had a wander around and thought “Stuff this, if it’s going to be raining all day.” I decided to give it till midday.
Cars started to turn up in dribs and drabs. What few stalls had turned up had started to pack up due to the rain and wind. The slot car drag racing stall stayed up in the winds, attracting quite a few customers. The award for unusual vehicle goes to the Monkhood Coffee V-Dub. The owner was selling freshly made coffee from the back of the van and was getting a lot of custom. Al and his missus turned up there in the Al’s Classics pickup. They’ve got some interesting work going on in the workshops so maybe another visit should be made. While on the subject of workshops, I heard from the guy with the Corsair that Rodz and Sodz in Iver are moving North.
Apparently the display field is usually filled up but it seems that the weather had really killed the event this year. Shame really because a lot of effort goes into organising these events and when it ends up very wet it ruins the day. I’ll see about going back next year and hopefully the weather will be better.