Isle of Wight scooter rally

23rd - 25th August 2008

The IoW Scooter Rally is the largest gathering of scooters in the world, (according to the advertising blurb!), and takes place on August Bank holiday at Ryde in the IoW.  The riders are based at Smallbrook Speedway Stadium in Ryde where there is a traders village, as well as the camping area.
Throughout the weekend the scooters gather on Ryde seafront where there is a beer tent and plenty of Northern Soul being played.  Each hour they tend to have a ride out and go off in batches for a 'scoot' around the town. In fact there were numerous scooters buzzing around the island all weekend.
The seafront area was very busy and the main roads were kept at a standstill for much of the afternoon, making travelling around the town quite difficult at times. The event was very relaxed, helped by the sunshine and good music. Some great paintwork and airbrushing as can be seen in the photos.