Wharf Rat Rally 2008

29th August - 1st September 2008

Me and my Monkey Boy, Freddie, decided to take a boy's road trip down to Digby, Nova Scotia, last weekend to see the 4th Annual Wharf Rat Rally. This is starting to get a very big following across Canada and there were an estimated 21,500 registered bikes and who knows how many unregistered ones! The main High Street was shut down and it was a sea of bikes and the 2 adjoining streets were also closed. In addition to the bikes, there were stunt shows, including jet ski stunts in the harbour, bike and car stunts, Harley parade and many stalls, side shows and rolling roads. Also events such as show 'n' shine, proud and loud, demo rides, burnouts, motocross, concerts and a beer belly competition!!! (which I didn't win - thank God!)

Weather was fantastic on Saturday when we went, but on Sunday and Monday it was wet. Digby itself is a fantastic setting right by the harbour and on the bay of Fundy - a popular spot for whale and seal watching.

The event was extremely well organised, which always helps. We proudly wore our Manky Monkey shirts and took a picture with something typicaly Canadian, as requested! In case you don't notice it, it's the Tim Hortons sign we are stood under - Tim Hortons are a coffee shop and a Canadian institution!! Don''t leave home without a Tims!!!