Hayling Island Rod Reunion

18th May 2008

Another fantastic event organised and marshalled by the Victory Wheelers in a lovely seaside setting. It all seemed deceptively laid back & relaxed, but I'm sure the Wheelers guys n gals were working their collective socks off behind the scenes. The weather was much better than forecast, which was an added bonus. Warm sunshine with just enough of a sea breeze to stop it being too warm. Perfect. The cars and bikes were wonderful, with something for everyone to drool over. So much variety, some we've seen before on our travels, some were new to us. All were very, very cool! We can’t wait to get out in our Pop and join in with a car more suited for these events.The only downside was that the pub took 45 minutes to cook a burger and a lot of people had complaints about that, (not the fault of the Wheelers lot), so next year we will bring our own picnic and hot coffee. 
There were plenty of familiar faces but we're rubbish with names -sorry. Lots of wheel spinning & rubber smoke as guys left the venue, which might not go down well with the locals -not sure how to combat that & wouldn't want to spoil anyone's fun, but would be sensible to keep it down on the public roads I think. Funniest moment of the day -the red & white Torino Starskey & Hutch replica flipping on the siren as it left the site & an Astra pulling over!

Very weary now from the lovely fresh sea air. With luck we'll be there in our own rod next year.

-Tazet, (Tanya)