Nostalgia Nationals
2nd July 2006

It was a hot sticky day when we arrived at the SCR for the Nostalgia National Drag Race. Plenty of old cars were found as we wondered around the car park, ranging from concourse condition to the ratty look. As we made our way towards the venue, there were all kinds of stalls selling hot rod cult clothing, diecast models, clothing accessories, car accessories, pop browns, pop parts, magazine shop, even a 50s stall selling original items! There were many food bars as well and after a quick stop for a bite to eat and drink and soak up the atmosphere we made our way over to find Andys brother, Steve. For those of you who don't know Steve, he owns and races a dragster named the Black Pig (after Captain Pugwash's ship). Today I was part of the pit crew and after a quick briefing on how to use the camcorder, we hooked up Steves car to the back of his transit and slowly made our way to the pits. As Steve lined his car up to the beginning of the track, they did a quick wheel spin and drove a short distance - this is to get rid of any debris the previous car may have left behind and to warm up the tyres, (I thought it was a false start!) reverse back to the beginning and when the lights change - they're off!!! I was in the safety area next to the track and I can tell you when those cars drive past you that close your ears explode and for a few seconds after you hear nothing. I panned the camera round to keep up with Steve but he was gone! It was over as quick as that. His time for the 1/4 mile was 9.8 seconds at 136 mph, and for every race he uses up 2 litres of fuel! We got back in the transit, took a slow drive down a quiet lane to get to the other end of the track where Steve and other drivers were waiting for their hitch back to camp. Once back at camp, the back of the dragster was jacked up, stones were rubbed off the wheels and a refuel was in order. Steve was pleased with his timing for that race, it was better than the mornings performance. I enjoyed the experience of being under the burning hot sun where there was no escape from, whilst the dragsters where chucking dust up in my face and hope Steve will ask me again!

Photos by Andy