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Hello & welcome to MankyWorld.
“Manky Monkey Motors” isn’t a business, just the collective nickname for a bunch of mates messing about in various garages & sheds around the country.
None of us are professional mechanics; we just enjoy monkeying around with spanners. Between us we’re into bikes, trikes, off-roading, drag-racing, old time hot rods, classics & just about anything else automotive.
These are our personal snapshots, show reports, build updates & just stuff we happen to like, mixed with a few contributions from our readers & offered for your amusement & delectation. So plump up a cushion, make yourself comfy & have a browse. Hopefully there’ll be something here you like, but feel free to contact us via the forum or email with suggestions, comments or contributions of your own.
The information & advice given here is correct to the best of our knowledge, but always seek qualified guidance if you plan to use the contents of this site for your own projects -we’re not called Manky for nothing!
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