Windmill Hotrods and Choppers custom show

15th June 2008

The Hotrods & Choppers guys have hosted a series of informal shows at the Windmill pub in Four Marks, near Alton, Hants over the last year or so. The last one, back in March, was hit by biting winds & rain which drastically reduced the attendance. What a difference a few months make though. This time around we were treated to glorious sunshine & the place was bursting with machinery. As the name suggests, bikes & rods were there in equal number with an impressive line up of Harleys & the odd Brit outside the pub & on the grass at the far end of the carpark & the tarmac between filled with 4 wheelers of all shapes & sizes. Some well travelled regulars, plus a few new kids on the block. I particularly liked the Cosworth engined Anglia in faux rust finish & the ratty old Tudor sedan. Very nice.

Good to see some of our fellow Monkeys among the crowd -Chevy Rick in his trusty truck, Janie & Dave on their bikes, plus Jacko, minus his trike but surrounded by his family who'd taken him out for a suprise Father's Day pub lunch without mentioning they were heading to the show. A 3 piece band kept the punters entertained in the beer garden while a hog roast kept the hunger pangs at bay. Our only criticism, & it's meant constructively, is that the pub seems to struggle to cater for these shows. The bar was well manned but we gave up waiting to be served & the kitchen seemed to have closed early. Minor niggles as it's the cars & bikes we were there to see, but maybe a second, outside bar & a barbeque, with more choice than just hog roast would help. It's easy to find fault & I know the organisers put in a lot of work to bring us these events. The continued support of the local custom fraternity prove their efforts are appreciated. The Windmill shows are already becoming an established feature on the rodding calendar & I think they're set to grow & grow. Taz & I can't wait till we've finished some of our many projects & can actually do our bit to swell the ranks of customs, rather than arriving in a "straight" car & hiding it across the road.

All in all, a nice little show. Cool company, some great vehicles to peruse & a good venue. A very pleasant way to pass a Sunday afternoon. See you at the next one.