Brightona bike meet
11th October 2009

JJ and I started out on the Harley Road King in the dark and wet, as we wanted to be able to park somewhere close to the main food outlets and bands. We were accompanied by a mate, Ron, who was also on a Road King. It was a good, fast journey and we were some of the first to arrive at Madeira Drive.
The weather wasn't as kind as the forecasters had promised but that didn't stop everyone enjoying themselves. There were plenty of stalls selling everything from motorcycle parts to outrageous knitted clothing -you could kit yourself out to look like Bertie Basset!
We fuelled up with a cooked breakfast on arrival to keep us going throughout the day, (even though we also had a picnic packed in the bike), as Madeira Drive takes some walking. We went up and down it quite a few times, taking in all that was on offer. There was plenty of live music throughout the day, ranging from Blues Brothers to AC-DC tribute bands. We also saw some excellent jiving when a local dance club took to the floor, well, the tarmac anyway, to accompany a rock 'n' roll group.
Loads of trikes -many familiar ones and as usual, many sheds looking like they had never seen an MOT. A few lovely custom ones but with prices to match- £24,000 for one creation.
I would have to say that of all the bikes, Harleys were represented the most. You could have thought you were on a farm at times with that old agricultural rumble from the H-Ds.
A few hot rods turned up and they were mainly parked at the end of the Drive. We spotted a lovely shortened VW Bug. Very pretty, especially from the side.
I took JJ to see the Wall of Death, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She would recommend any of you out there who haven't seen it to do so if you get the chance. The lads were very good, especially the one who rode an Indian around the Wall. JJ is positive he was super-glued to the seat as he seemed to defy gravity as he moved around the bike and posed in various and sometimes unbelievable positions. Unfortunately my photos were unable to capture the spectacle even though I tried hard to do so -you can see the ones standing still but just a blur goes around them!
We all had a thoroughly brilliant day and were “cream crackered” by the time we got home. The ride home was hard going but at the same time quite exhilarating as we jockeyed for position as we left Brighton and then as we were nearly home, whizzing through the New Forest in the fading light, (no, not the bit with the 40 mile speed limit). 
Yes, a very good day.

-Chevy Rick