Berks & South Bucks NCC bike show

31st May 2009

National Chopper Club
Berks & South Bucks show
The Queens Head pub, Maidenhead Road, Windsor, Berks.

Many thanks to all NCC members for a well organised day! With the weather looking good it was a dead cert to go to this event for the first time. Having phoned Andy, the South Bucks rep, to ask about taking photos for the MMM website beforehand, my camera was charged and ready to go, (must remember to keep my fingers away from the lens!).  Arriving on site at the Queens Head pub, I was astonished to see so many people, a cracking turn out, the pub grounds and the field behind were packed. Fat, Drunk and Stupid was the name of the band that played on the open air stage, from 1pm - 4pm. In all that searing heat they only had two short breaks. They were great to listen to. A BBQ was cooking all day to feed our appetites, lots of people wandering around, plenty of bikes and trikes on display, so of course photo-taking was inevitable, (must remember to keep my fingers away from the lens!).  There were 7 categories within the judging and I'm chuffed to bits to have won Best Trike Trophy, much to my friend Basil’s disgust.

Having got home from a brilliant day, feeling elated at winning something, I gave the camera to the wife, who soon brought me back down to earth. On checking my pictures, Kath asked "what's that a picture of?" and "oh! you got your fingers in the way again, I don't know how you manage it!" 
Congratulations to the NCC for putting on a great show, and thank you to daughter Janie for spending an entire evening cropping most of my pictures - to get the best bits! Apologies if I missed photographing anyone’s bike there today.