Ace Cafe ratrod & ratbike review
25th October 2009

Popped along to this event nice and early, thinking there'd be a lot of cars and bikes. Wrong. When I first looked up the event on the Ace Cafe's website it said it ran from 9am - 5pm, but it didn't actually start until 11am, so I was a bit early to say the least. I had to giggle when some boy racer Subaru owners turned up and thought they could just park in the car park. They were informed that unless they'd pre-booked they had to vacate the car park as there was another event on. As well as opening later than advertised, the organisers also gave out the awards early. I was asked to put my old Triumph saloon car in the show. I didn't think it was ratty enough to be lined up with the ratrods. In my opinion the 105E Anglia was the best of the ratcars but it was a shame more didn't show. Met up with some of the MMMotors forum members, so have some more faces to go with the names.

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