Guildford Lions Easter show

5th April 2010

Lions Easter Show, Shalford Park, Guildford, Surrey.

I checked the weather before leaving and it looked like it was going to be rain free. Oh what a change from Good Friday! The Lions charity group were the winners this year, while several big car shows lost out in Friday’s downpour, just a few days earlier. The luck of the draw I suppose.
As the cars started to arrive, I could see we were indeed in for a dry day. Plenty of Triumph Stags were arriving -they only come out in dry weather! A nice selection of other Triumphs on display too, including a lovely little red 1934 Triumph Monte Carlo roadster with an unusual carburettor set-up. Apparently the reason for the odd angle of the carbs is because the horizontal one acts like a second choke would on a normal twin choke carb. The horizontal carb takes up any slack in the rod on the first carb when driving normally or around town. When you’re out on the open road and you wanna give it some welly, the second carb comes in like the second choke. Strange set-up me thinks, but quite ingenious. It was designed by a chap called Healy. Not sure if that’s the same guy of Austin Healy fame, but seemed to be of the right era. I could pretend I knew all that, but I’ll admit my mate Mike caught up with the owner and had a good chinwag with him while I was busy taking pics.
Lots of other cars besides Triumphs -some classic Yanks and Jap’ motors, but they were mainly British cars. I took photos of almost everything except for 2 newish BMWs, a modern Porsche and a Metro.
The Lions provided a circus at this year’s show, which pleased the kids, but meant the arena events didn’t kick off till about 2pm. Personally I didn’t think the acts were as good as previous years, but again, it kept the families happy, which is what Bank Holiday shows are all about aren’t they.
Not a bad little event & made so much more pleasant by a welcome drop of Spring sunshine.