London to Brighton veteran vehicle run
1st November 2009

Rather than trying to follow the vintage vehicles on their slow but dignified journey from central London, down to the sea front at Brighton, 60 miles away, I decided to catch them enroute at Redhill in Surrey. So I found myself a vantage point near the station to watch the old motors trundle by. It wasn't too bad weather wise when I first got there around 730 in the morning, but it got progressively worse as the morning went on. Although I was standing in a bus shelter I still ended up absolutely soaked, which resulted in a change of clothes when I got home. Took some 1,600 odd photos during the day, but the weather was truly atrocious and the rain seems to have penetrated my camera. I've ended up with just over 100 barely useable pictures. A week later and the camera is still drying out -and so am I. It was wonderful to see so many beautiful machines still out there, not just being driven, but doing battle against the worst the British weather could throw at them & still trundling on.

- Renegade