RSPCA Gala Day
6th September 2009

RSPCA Gala Day Millbrook, Chobham 6th September
   I parked up by the Triumphs. A convoy of Morris Minors arrived. There was also a large turnout from the Panther owners as usual. There were Rovers, yanks, army wagons, Austins, Opels, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, not many motor bikes this time. The model steam engines were there as previous years.
   Arena events consisted of Guildford motorcycle club, dog agility display, sheep dog display, circus workshop – clowns, batterling giants, Richard Curtis - heelwork to music and rehoming dog parade.
   In the car display area there was a 4 piece steel band, around there were Morris Dancers. I find these quite amusing, but it’s a tradition that is dying out.
   Some cute kitties, along with Shetland ponies, various fowl birds, rabbits and dogs. A good family day out to raise money for a good cause

- Renegade