Hungerford Carnival
13th -16th July 2006

And this little Pig went to market
...or to the market place anyway, Hungerford market place to be precise, invited to display at the inaugural Round table car show held in conjunction with the town carnival. Neil Benson, long time mate, ex Pig keeper, garage owner and Round Tabler had organised a small showing as a way of gauging interest for a much larger gathering planned for next year. On the whole I would have said quite successful with a wide variety of vehicles turning up, ranging from steam engines and classics through customs and race cars to a strong showing from the Hungerford VW club (more of them later). Neil showed his own ‘57 Bel Air 2 door hardtop & among the VW crowd were a drag racing Beetle, a very tidy camper complete with period interior & accessories & several nice Golfs, including one magazine feature car. Most of the cars and a local Harley group were in place by mid day with the steam engines arriving a little later, this heralded an amusing little scenario with a nob in a Volvo (didn't it just have to be) trying to overtake one of them as it turned into the parking area, realising at the last moment that he would end up across a mini roundabout, and slamming his brakes on. The lesson learned was that modern ABS is a little better than century old cork block on iron road wheel as evidenced by 30 odd tons of Burrells best mounting the rear of the Volvo, the idiot at least had the decency to drive off quickly and without fuss to muse on the wording of his insurance claim elsewhere. A very pleasant afternoon was spent in the sunshine chatting with the other owners and public, and I know that I shouldn't complain but if I have to tell one more person how much a pair of rear slicks cost.....and yes, it's got two exhaust systems, and no, it doesn't need wipers ! There were trophy's presented but it was hot and I missed the details, and the Lady Mayoress chose a car to be driven in during the procession and the whole thing disbanded about five thirty.
After five of us moved the Pig through an eight point turn only to see the trailer 50 yards further up the hill I found that I had the master cut out key in my pocket (fancy that) and after a quick check up and down the road fired it up and left our adoring public cowering on the town hall steps, hustled it into it's box and ran away quickly.