Krispy Kreme Donuts rod meet

18th October 2009

I love the smell of freshly cooked donuts & rubber smoke in the morning.
A good turnout for a crisp, (Krispy Kreme?), Autumnal Sunday morning. The chilly days of Winter may be on their way, but that certainly didn’t seem to deter the rodders & bikers from making the most of the bright sunshine. The street outside the restaurant was buzzing with all sorts of gorgeous machinery: everything from 60s & 70s British classics, to American muscle cars, to trucks & bikes. Smokey burnouts & long trails of rubber on the tarmac seemed to be the order of the day. I must admit, if it were kids in hatchbacks doing this in the midst of the local traffic, trundling off for a spot of Sunday morning worship in the aisles of the local B & Q, I’d tutt & shake my head disapprovingly. I’ll make an exception though for a bunch of middle aged blokes in brightly coloured hotrods disturbing the peace & pebble dashing the Mondeos & Minis with molten rubber. Colin in the yellow '46 Chevy pick-up, completely enveloping the 11.15 to Kingston bus in smoke may not have amused the passengers, but certainly put a grin on the driver’s face.
Not everyone wanted to play in the traffic though; most were happy to grab a coffee & a delicious Krispy Kreme donut or six & watch the rest of the World go by. A very agreeable way to spend a Sunday morning.  
The Krispy Kreme Donut shop meet only lasts a couple of hours, so you need to get there when it starts at 10 in the morning, or you'll miss most of the action. By 12 noon it’s more or less all over. The diner sits on the roundabout below the A3, at Shannon Corner, New Malden, Surrey, ten minutes North of the M25, London.
Rod meets are on the third Sunday of every month from 10am onwards, though obviously it gets a lot quieter during the Winter. Parking is very limited, so if you’re there early, be prepared to get boxed in & not go anywhere until the meet is over. If you’re there later, be ready to find a spot on the curb, or just cruise around the block a few times.   



Another meet that I’ve been intending to go to for a while, but never got round to. A lot of cars that I’d seen before but quite a few that were new to me. I arrived not long before Tazet & Manky & we all ended up parking in a side street. Next time I’ll try and get there earlier. Well worth calling in at if you're in the area.