Popham airfield aero/autojumble & classic show

3rd May 2010

Popham airfield, just outside Basingstoke, Hampshire, is one of the busiest airfields in the South of England & regularly hosts fly-in meets for various aero clubs. It’s also become known as a venue for bike & car shows with several large events each year.
This weekend was a combined fly in & classic vehicle rally. Because it’s an airfield, it’s very open to the elements & we were certainly bombarded with a selection of British Spring weather –everything from light rain to sunshine to bitterly cold winds to hailstones. It didn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the viewing public or those displaying their vehicles though. The carpark was full all day & there were plenty of interesting machines to peruse. A few rods & American classics, but mainly vintage British motors. It’s interesting to see more modern vehicles being restored –British Leyland’s 1970s output may not be the peak of our country’s motoring heritage, but it’s not until you come across a pristine example of a Morris Marina or Austin Allegro that you suddenly realise they’re over thirty years old now & you just don’t see them in normal usage any more. Modern teenagers may never have seen these cars & if enthusiasts like these don’t restore them now, they could disappear into the history books forever, which would be a real shame I think.
There was a small autojumble, selling both car & aeroplane parts, though not as big a selection as other meets later in the year. Aviation memorabilia certainly seems to command high prices but I assume that’s because of it’s rarity compared to auto parts. Plenty of food stalls too for those, like me, who were only browsing.
The regular local faces were all there –for many these get-togethers are the only time they meet up, so lots of catching up to do.
All in all, not a bad morning out at all.