Dorking Harley Swapmeet

11th April 2010

What a long day!

Chevy Rick, Alfie the English Bull Terrier and I were up at 3 am to get to this meet for the 6 am start. It was lovely watching the sun come up as we travelled North East. We arrived just after 6 and already people were leaving with their treasures tucked under their arms. 
Rick and I also managed to find some bargains -I know I spent more than I meant to and still didn't come away with what I was hoping to find -some chrome screw covers and a pair of grips for my trike that will stop my hand slipping on the throttle.
There was a really good turn out. Rick said it was the most jumble he’d ever seen there and I know he’s been going there a fair few years. We made about three trips back to the pick-up truck to unload our goodies and we didn't leave until about 10ish. By then the number of bikes parked at the top of the road was quite impressive and Rick took quite a few photos. The constant soundtrack was that heavy tractor rumble even though many non HDs turned up. The weather was lovely though so I'm sure everyone just wanted to get out and enjoy it. There were some gorgeous bikes there, many of which we hadn’t seen before. The regular Sunday morning Boxhill bike meet’s only a mile or two down the road, so many people were riding back & forth between the two.
Just as we were leaving we realised we were being photographed by Mr and Mrs David Bailey themselves, (AKA Taz and Manky Monkey). It was nice to see them, (even though it was only briefly as we turned out of the carpark & joined the rumbling masses in Dorking High Street).
On the way home, we made a couple more stops -Newland's Corner, (a well known local beauty spot & bike meet, just up the road from the Manky residence), and the classic car meet at Farnham, where Rick took even more photos.
Yes, it was a long day but a very enjoyable one with plenty of attractions and lots of chat with interesting people who were just out enjoying the Spring sunshine, seeing & being seen, just like us. Of course Alfie had lots of fuss and lots of praise from people who just wanted to take him home. No way -we love him to bits and we were very proud of how well he behaved.
I’d thoroughly recommend this meet. Even if you’re not looking for anything specific in the autojumble, (I bet you’ll still buy something!), it’s great just to be a part of the constant parade of bikes rumbling up & down the High Street & to enjoy one of the first get-togethers of the year with lots of like-minded folk.



The annual Spring Harley bootsale in Dorking, Surrey was originally sponsored by Surrey Harley Davidson & held in the carpark next door to their shop in the High Street. Now the Harley dealership’s gone & the shop unit demolished, the sponsorship’s been taken over by another local business, Beaky's Motorcycles. It’s still held in the same council carpark every April though & attracts Harley riders from far & wide, as well as plenty of other chop & trike pilots. Basically it’s an autojumble & new parts sale with the accent on Harley & custom parts.
The Spring sunshine certainly helped to bring the bikes out. Dorking High Street was like a mini Sturgis or Daytona, with a constant stream of Milwauki's finest rumbling up & down past the swapmeet entrance. The local car drivers were obviously wondering what the hell was going on. As JJ says, it was good just to wander about, poking through piles of parts & chatting to mates we haven't seen since last season.
Taz took up her usual position on a traffic island in the middle of the road to photograph the bikes as they came past & tells me three or four guys spotted her MMMotors embroidered jacket & came up to say Hi & compliment us on the site -which is nice.
I hadn't intended to buy anything, but still came away with a cast aluminium bellmouth for Taz's trike project -a bargain for a tenner. Lots of bits I could've picked up -a set of narrow Bay Area style springers for 95 quid, just in need of powder-coating or chroming, Harley silencers for a fiver a pair etc. We didn't get there till mid morning, even though we live just 10 miles down the road. Not as organised as JJ & Rick I'm afraid, but had a great day.
While we were sat in the Wimpy Bar in the High Street having lunch, a lime green full pro street mark 1 Escort rumbled past. Huge rubber under the back end, roll cage, big pro street scoop on the bonnet. Then it rumbled back the other way a few minutes later. Gone by the time we got outside of course.
A nice meet & well worth a look next year if you're in the area.