Guildford Cruise
4th October 2009

A quiet drive in again, but met up with some friends once I arrived. This was the last cruise before the clocks go back at the end of the month, so will be the last one I attend this year. Through the Winter months the attendance drops to almost nothing as guys tuck their cars away during the bad weather or undertake those Winter rebuilds they've been planning. It’ll be getting dark about the time the cruise is due to start from now until the clocks change again in the Spring. So a last chance this year for a natter & a burger with some fellow PetrolHeads.
The Guildford Cruise meets at the Ladymeade retail park, just off the A3, Guildford, Surrey, on the first Sunday of the month. It only lasts for a couple of hours, roughly from 4.30 - 5pm through till about 7pm. See you there in the Spring!

- Renegade