This year’s Bulldog Bash at Stratford on Avon was a huge success. It was warm & sunny, the crowds arrived, beautiful bikes abounded, the custom show was fabulous.
Unfortunately I didn’t go. I used to go regularly every year but last attended -ooh, must be ten years ago now. I’m not really into the big festival type shows & as those who know me will tell you, I HATE camping! Plus I just can’t afford the 45 quid entry fee. So in the last few years I’ve got into the habit of just riding up to Stratford for the day on the Saturday of the Bulldog weekend. There’s usually a flat spot at the show on Saturday afternoon when there’s not a lot going on & everyone decides to go for a ride. They head for the town in search of cheap pubs & decent loos & suddenly the place is swarming with bikes. Enter cheapskate Andy. For the price of my petrol & a pub lunch I can see as many bikes & bikers as I would on site -& I get to ride home to my own comfy bed at the end of the day!
The plan failed miserably this year though. It started raining -heavily- the moment I arrived, & just didn’t stop. There WERE plenty of bikes around but it was just TOO wet to stand there photographing them. I spent a couple of hours just dodging from one doorway to another, trying to keep dry, before admitting defeat & heading home. Torrential rain all the way. Yoda tells me that couple of hours worth was the only rain onsite all weekend. Bugger. So this is my feeble contribution. For a full write up & zillions of piccies of the glory that was this year’s Bulldog visit Yodie’s site at


Bulldog Bash Weekend Pictures