Solent Renegades car show

17th August 2008

Too many shows to visit and all on the same day -17th August. I chose to visit the Solent Renegades’ summer show, reason being some of the Monkeys and I met the Renegades earlier in the year at the Windmill gathering at Four Marks, where they were touting for exhibitors. They seemed to be a good bunch of guys so that sold it for me. Up and away with my Solent Renegade flier for directions. 7.30am I pick up the M27 for Portsmouth, take the Eastern road into the city and not far up the road I see a marshal waving me into the rugby ground.
I was greeted by some lady Renegades on the gate & given a voting form and a vehicle entry number, 106. Parking on the showfield I found my neighbours were a 2 litre Moggy Minor to my left and a 4 wheeled 300cc Isetta bubble car to my right. I was suprised to see so many early birds. About 20 cars arrived after me, along with quite a few bikes.
A good gathering of motors and people, plus a selection of trade stalls, with food and drink being served at the rugby club. Congratulations to Solent Renegades. A very nice show.

-Chevy Rick