Salisbury MAG "Spring Suprise" bike show

4th April 2010

JJ and I, along with Alfie, our new English Bull Terrier, had an enjoyable visit to Salisbury. it was good to find Alfie wasn’t bothered by the noise of the bikes. He’s getting quite a fan club -he can pick the birds up better than me! Talking of birds we saw a female guinea fowl being chased by five or six males all around the market grounds. Too quick for me to grab a photo especially as it’s not easy taking photos with Alfie pulling on his lead, doing his best to get to the next interesting smell!   
It was nice to see some fellow Manky members there, including Voodoo and Terri and TrikerPete and Butterfly, plus Clive & his daughters. We also met Kelvin from the Victory Wheelers car club -his HD was on show, which we usually see in the back of his early Ford pickup. 
Just as we were leaving a local chap pulled up in his Morris Series E. His daughter was at the rally on her bike and he’d popped by to say hello.

-Chevy Rick


Not a bad turn out at all. Some nice bikes but a little short on trikes this year. Was good to see a couple of fellow Monkeys there and of course to meet Alfie. In the custom show my green chopped Zed was a bit overlooked as I ended up parked right at the back on the end of the line. A quick check with the judges before we left revealed mine would have come 4th for best in show. Shame it didn’t get more votes but we were just happy to get out and about on it.



A nice show, but when you've seen one bloke in a leather waistcoat, on a black Harley with lots of chrome, you've seen them all, (just my opinion, not really my thing to be honest). As I looked around, it just kept reminding me of the South Park episode about Harley riders, and made me chuckle more than a few times! Not a huge selection of custom work there, but enough interesting machines to keep me happy.