Southampton MAG Bike Show

20th April 2008
Sunday 20th April, I set off for the Cricketers Pub in Eastleigh, Southampton for the MAG get together.

It was a nice ride -only 15 miles or so. Great weather and a blue sky all the way there. I got to the entrance of the Cricketers after weaving my way through the adjacent road works, (I came the scenic route, not the motorway). The first person I was greeted by was Rose, (Nannyogg, as she is known here). I found a parking space and had a wander round the different stalls. Burgers were in full swing, always a good tasty burger to be had. Bikes kept coming and going throughout the day. Just as it started to empty more would pull in and take their places. I went back to the bike to get more batteries for the camera & was greeted by Doc and Zipwanger. They'd travelled up from Somerset, having set out at 8.00am ish. There's always something new to see in the entrance of the event. This time a Ford model T was standing easy. A nice Hot Rod. As I idly watched people arriving, an elderly couple, I guess they were in their seventies, stopped on a large dressed solo Honda. The lady pillion got off and the rider engaged reverse gear and effortlessly backed into a parking space -how easy was that.
As I reached home again & swung into the driveway, the blue skies disappeared and the heavens opened. Rain, hail, thunder and lightning. My thoughts went to Doc and Zippy heading back to Cider Country. They confirmed later that evening that all was dry on their ride back home. Good to see you lads.

-Rick, (Chevy Rick).