Krispy Kreme Donuts rod meet

18th April 2010

Even though I got to the Krispy Kreme Donuts drive-in in New Malden, South West London, at my normal time, the car park was filling fast. I thought that might be the case -with at least three consecutive days of sunshine, Summer had officially arrived. Not as many classics there this month, but some new stuff I’ve not seen before. Towards the end we were treated to the usual burnouts on the road outside. Hotrodders smoking their tyres as they pull out of the car park seems to be the norm now at these meets, but must be a pain if you're a local just trying to get to the DIY store or supermarket. A Harley duly obliged the expectant crowds lining the pavements, followed in spectacular fashion by a supercharged white El Camino. As the driver snaked off up the road he plastered the shiny new Beemer behind him with molten rubber. To say the owner didn’t look impressed would be an understatement!

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