5th Hotrod Hayride

14th - 16th August 2009

5th Hot Rod Hayride Bisley Rifle Range 14th – 16th August

   This was the first time I’ve been to this, was going to go last year but I was on a 3 day week. I’d heard a lot of good about this event seen the pics from the race track. Each year they get more booking with cars coming in from all over the place. Got there about 11ish on the Friday, when I arrived I was asked if I was going to go round the track, but declined as I didn’t have a helmet for me head. Maybe next year. Pitch the tent got all sorted then off for a wander. Took lots of pics then went on the pavilion terrace to take pics and videos of the cars etc arriving. When I went back to the tent later found even more tents were up, it was starting to look like a refugee camp, mind the guy ropes.  In the evening went off to the music etc which consisted of four DJ’s Dave Mumbles, Steve SpinCity, Smokey Joe and Little Carl. Three bands Mischief (Holland), No 9 (England) and Jack Baymoore and the Bandits (Sweden). At midnight we had Miss Honey Lulu doing her burlesque stint.

   Saturday morning up for shower then brekkie meet up with Shaun and head off to the racetrack at Brick Kiln Farm nr. Alton. This was great fun to watch, took pics and video. As I was queuing to go in one of the security guys said “Is it a PI I had one of them, great car”. Someone always seems to have had one. Shaun said someone he knows has a PI saloon, but has brought an estate to put the PI stuff in it. Anyway back to the racing there were some mishaps which some were caught on camera but one of them I missed. About 3ish headed back to Bisley ready for the evening events. We went off to the Wall of Death for the 6pm showing and rewarded with a free special viewing at midnight. No doubt the sound of bikes going round must have miffed the locals. The music for the evening consisted of the same DJs as on Friday night. The bands this time were Moonshine Reunion (Belgium), Smokstack Lightnin’ (Germany) and The Domestic Bumblebees (Sweden). At midnight Miss Honey Lulu did her thing on stage. Around the camp site there were the occasional group having a jamming session. No mikes, no electrics just musicians having a jam session, “Which Was Nice” to quote The Fast Show.

   The fun continued on the Sunday took more pics and video. I had seen what appeared to be a Triumph Herald at the site; I found it and took some pics. It appears that it consists of the chassis, the engine and the doors. The back of the roof is the down part of the boot lid. Took some pics of a blonde having her pics taken in front of one of the Dutch cars, this looked a professional job as they had these discs things to reflect the light onto her. Should of taken more of her me thinks. The entertainment for the Sunday (daytime) consisted of live Hillbilly music at the pavilion terrace by Montgomery Music Makers. At 1pm The Stromberg Soapbox Derby was due to start. This was great fun to watch as there was some rivalry amongst some of the competitors. Didn’t get as many pics of this as I would of liked as I ran out of batteries, memo to self make sure they’re charged before you go you pillock.

   Will I be back next year, you bet I will 49 quid for and advance booking with all the evening entertainment? Entry to the race track and if you had a helmet being able to race. Sunday daytime entertainment and the soapbox derby. The music for the weekend was in keeping with the event with none of this boom rubbish “Which Was Nice” to quote The Fast Show.
   For videos of the track racing go to http://www.youtube.com/user/2500outlaws.