Great Dorset Steam Fair
2nd - 6th September 2009

We'd intended to go on the Wednesday but rain stopped play so JJ and I went on the Thursday instead. Still wet at times but not too bad overall, just the mud we had to wade through!
As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed the event. It was JJ's first visit though and she was very impressed by the number of exhibits and the sheer size of the place. We didn't get to see it all as it's not really possible in one day, but we did well and did our best to see about two thirds of it. With over 600 acres of steam powered machinery, animals & country exhibits to see, you need to plan your route strategically or, like us, just accept you'll never see it all in a day & just stroll, taking in as much as you can handle. One of the biggest & best events of it's kind. We'll be back to tackle it again next year.

-Chevy Rick