Al's Classics "Saturday Chop Shop"

13th February 2010

The Saturday Chop Shop was hosted by Al’s Classics in Lightwater, Surrey. It was an open day to show off their new premises. The main attraction was watching them perform a roof chop on a 1948 Morris 8. When I arrived they’d already got the car stripped and the cutting positions marked off with masking tape. Familiar faces came and went during the day, including someone there to record the event for Custom Car magazine. Other cars in the workshop included a Morris Minor pick-up, something under cover which I assume was a Ferrari, a 60s Ford Capri and a convertible BMW, as well as a big old Yank. 
In the car park or should I say in the “wherever you can find somewhere to park”, were more vehicles. These included a Volvo Amazon which is to be scrapped when the MoT expires. It’s gone through many guises in its time, including being a convertible. It needs some sill and brake work on it for the MoT, but would still look a good ratter. Also a clean Ford Cortina 1600GT Mk2, an old Comma van, a lovely Mercedes saloon, a Sunbeam Rapier –even an old fairground dodgem car. 
The guys at Al’s were very welcoming & the top chop was fascinating to watch –you can read magazine articles on such things, but it’s not often the average rod fan gets to see major car surgery performed before their very eyes. It takes a lot of guts -or lots of experience- to chop a car up with an audience. When the Morris finally hits the streets, I’ll be able to say, “I saw that being chopped”. The shop was very cool & seems equipped to handle just about anything you could need doing to your machine. An interesting visit. Thanks guys.

Included in the photo gallery are a dozen snaps taken by Al’s missus, Missymoo, showing the Morris before & after the roof chop. Just to round off the day, a very cold Al & Chris drove the chopped Morris to the Guilford Hot 50's Rock n Roll club at 10pm last night, minus the glass. The tops of the doors were only tack-welded in place, but it was drivable. They took around 5 inches out of the front roof pillars & 5 1/2 inches out of the back.


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Al’s Classics can be found at:

Units 3 – 6 Broadway Green Farm,
Broadway Road,
GU18 5SU
01276-477211 or 07887-875023.