Hayling Island Rod Reunion

17th May 2009

Hayling Island

The 4th Hayling Island Reunion was held at the now established venue by the Inn On The Beach. After an early alarm call, the drive in to the beach in the sun was a great start to the day. As you know, upon arrival the heavens opened and a storm lashed the shores, which saw 6 of the Wheelers holding onto the club’s gazebo for dear life to stop it blowing away. The local surfers assured us that the weather front would clear at 10am and, sure enough, more or less to the minute, at 10am the clouds blew over and the sun appeared.
Not only did the sun appear but also rods, customs, classic American and bikes too started to turn up in large numbers. More cars appeared than we could have hoped for and the stories of cars flipping over on the motorway and accidents along the major routes were numerous too. 
The weather meant there wasn’t any outdoor music or BBQ this year, but the atmosphere was great and the Victory Wheelers would like to thank everyone who attended.

Dan, (53 Catalina).