Towrags rally

5th July 2008

Seeing as I don't like leaving things to the last minute, we left on the Wednesday & caught a ferry from Portsmouth to Fishbourne on the Isle of Wight, in time for the Towrags Rally which was being held that weekend.
Once settled into our hotel in Shanklin, we made our way to a local carpark in the evening to watch the bikers pour in for their weekly gathering, (similar to Alton in Hampshire if you've ever been). There was a good turn-out. The Towrags trike club, the Wight Riders, the God Squad to name but a few. They all wanted to make the most of the glorious weather we were having, (makes a change!)
Thursday and Friday were put aside for sightseeing. We had a list of places we wanted to visit; one of them was the Smallbrook Stadium, where the Towrags Rally would be at the weekend, just down the road from Rosemary’s Vineyard -fancy that! Popped into the stadium to introduce ourselves and said 'we'll be back!' (no Arnie puns please).
Arrived at Smallbrook Stadium at 11:45am on Saturday morning, only to find we'd missed the ride-out at 11:30am. Never mind, there was plenty else to see and besides they were due to return at 2:30pm. We were met by Tina at the gate, when I asked if it was O.K to take pictures for a friend’s website, MMMotors, (she'd heard of it), she thought it would be fine, but advised us to ask people first. Everyone we met and spoke to was really helpful & made us feel very welcome - thanks, it was much appreciated, I hope your club does well.
I'd like to point out a couple of people in my photos;
The elderly lady steering the trike around the track is nearly blind and being instructed by a back-seat driver! Brave woman, good for her. I heard later she did that for charity and raised over £500.
Keith the official Towrags photographer, was extremely pleased with the turnout. His pics can be viewed on their website- he looks forward to seeing mine, (minus the fingers over the lens! D’oh!)
We also chatted to a guy called Rizzla. He’s got some metal inside his body piecing him together instead of bones. He's hoping to recycle one plate for his latest project!
Well, I can thoroughly recommend the produce from Rosemary’s Vineyard, hic! See you next year!