Alton Bike Meet

Took a ride out to the local bike meet last night. There's been a weekly get-together in the little market town of Alton in Hampshire, every Wednesday night during the Summer months for quite a few years now. A nice little gathering. Good variety of machinery to look at: several top notch Harleys, plenty of vintage Brits including at least four Vincents last night, classic Italians, trailies, tourers, half a dozen monkey bikes -a bit of everything as they say.
Held at the Transport Cafe in the carpark of Alton railway station, a large sign proclaims "Biker Friendly" -& it is. Bacon butties & cups of tea a-plenty. Nice friendly ambiance, a lovely road out from Basingstoke, (the A339 I believe), with lots of twisty turny bits & long straights guaranteed to make you grin whatever you ride.
For me at least there were plenty of friends & vaguely familiar faces to natter with. Doro & Kris from Basingstoke were there on their freshly rebuilt GT Kwacka trike. The lovely Janie, (a fellow Postie person), had ridden out from Farnborough on her Drag Star with her fella, though unfortunately not her equally lovely Dad, Jacko on his V Dub trike. Get well soon mate. These two seem to be at every show & meet I ever go to. These meets always seem to generate a nice cosy, chatty atmosphere so even if you arrive knowing no-one you'll soon find people wandering over for a chin wag.
Seems to run from around 7pm -9.30 ish, when everybody bimbles on home for their Horlicks & a nice early night.
Well worth a look-in if you're in the area.