Rockers Reunion Meet

19th January 2008


Well what an evening! I had a fantastic time, was in great company who looked after me, and spent loads of money..... and could have spent much more. I've never been to the Rockers Reunion, but obviously heard about it, so when Steve asked if I wanted to go with them, I jumped at the chance. Poor ol' Dave had to stay behind bless him, as the plasterers arrived yesterday morning to start work on our dining room.

The Rockers Reunion take over the whole of the leisure complex in Reading, with the main hall being the dance floor, a stage at the end for bands, and down either side are stalls selling original clothes, retro clothes made to order, drapes made to order, shoes made to order, patches, badges, t-shirts, even a tattooist! In rooms leading off the main hall, there was a licensed bar, a music room selling cds, vinyl, dvds, the 59 club had a small stage where they displayed all their merchandise, and Roy Barrett was there with a selection of his paintings. It was all just overwhelming.