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These days it’s getting harder & harder to tell different manufacturers’ cars apart. So it’s good to know there are still drivers out there who choose something a little more individual as their daily driver.
Seen anything unusual on your travels? Try & grab a couple of snapshots & send ‘em in.

Ancient Brit special parked outside a garage in Castleton, Derbyshire. Presumably Austin 7 based. Cute but very cool.
Chunky old ’66 Chevy pick-up truck, sat outside a pub in Ouzley, Old Windsor. Lovely lines –who says practical can’t be good looking as well.
Lovely left hand drive '55 oval window VW Beetle. Imported from Geneva, Switzerland, hence the vintage skis strapped to the back. Lots of period detail including early oval rear lights & trafficator indicators. Very nice car. In the carpark of Halfords car spares shop, Basingstoke, Hants.
Nice old '67/'68 Morris Minor van, sporting period sunvisor & peaked headlight trims. Halfords carpark, Basingstoke, Hants.
Wonderful old Humber roadster -early 1930s maybe? Parked in a local garden centre carpark in Basingstoke, Hants. Wonder what the MOT testers make of the petrol filler cap poking out of the dashboard!
It's great to see classics like this being used & enjoyed as they were intended to be.
The London Duck Tour bus. One of over 21,000 American made DUKW amphibious landing craft that saw service during World War 2. This one trundles around the Capital’s streets, visiting various landmarks, before plunging into the Thames for a 20 minute river cruise.
Sierra based Ford P100 pick-up's running what appears to be a Transit van twin wheel rear axle covered by wide, boxy arches, with commercial hubcaps up front.Vents in the bonnet suggest a larger than stock motor but not sure what. Spotted on a housing estate in Basingstoke, Hants.
Lovely, lived-in looking '63 Chrysler 300 visiting Nelson's American Diner in Kingsclere, Hants.
Just the right amount of chunky ugliness & rust to be truly cool. 
Grey Beetle
A Basingstoke Beetle. This one looks to be a pre '64 model, pretty much stock apart from the shaved door handles, fender skirts and the 'zorst. Possibly lowered too. The fender skirts are a period extra by a company called "Fox Craft" that give the standard body shape a peculiar new look -like a big fat Citroen 2CV! Funky front indicators are late 50s, early 60s U.S spec ones. The twin "tuck away" exhaust would suggest a 1200 or 1500 single port motor. Paint is an original colour, possibly Dove Grey.

Lovely old Chevy Impala station wagon. Don't know anything about it, just like it. Scruffy but stylish. Spotted at the 3Bs' "Only Fools & Bikers" show in Bordon, Hampshire. Think it belonged to one of the stall holders.

Pretty little Moggy Minor convertible. Belonged to the head of sales at ProBike in Newbury, Berks. Non standard pillar box red paintjob works well with old English white trim. Very olde worlde. Very nice.

Super shiny black 40s Chevy panel van. Beautiful. Paintwork was absolutely flawless. If the Devil drives a motor this'd be it. Parked outside Surrey Harley Davidson, Dorking, Surrey, during their swap meet.

Mark 2 Consul. Possibly lowered. Nice 70s Wolfrace rims. Still a very useable modern classic. Follows the current trend of covering old seats with ethnic Mexican/Indian blankets. Very cool. At the NCC Diamond Day custom bike show at the Ace Cafe on the North Circular.

Mark 1 Zephyr in fabulous nick. The underside was as clean as the bodywork. No idea what motor it ran but suspect it wasn't standard. Running 5 spoke American Torque Thrust D wheels. I thought they were only built as 4 doors -closer inspection showed the interior door panels missing & evidence of some very talented door "stretching". Could well be wrong, but looked like a 4 doorer converted to 2. Lurking outside the Ace Cafe, North London during the NCC Diamond Day custom bike show.

Lovely little daily driver, often cruising the streets of downtown Basingstoke, Hants. Don't know anything about it except it's an Opel, running on old 5 spoke Revolution rims. Gorgeous colour.

This is an odd one. Spotted in a side street in Stratford on Avon during the "Bulldog Bash" bike weekend. It appears to be a triked V8 Range Rover. I'm told it was built for the "Scrapheap Challenge" TV series. Wonder how it handles off-road?

Big, boxy Plymouth parked up on Madeira Drive, Brighton, Sussex.
As aerodynamic as a house brick & as big as a house, but pretty cool.
Porsche Speedster seen at the 1st Annual London Chop n Rod Show. An original and well used example.
Spotted at the Southampton MAG bike show, this fibreglass bodied model Y Ford was very civilised. Quiet, purring exhaust note would suggest a fairly modern motor under the bonnet. A nice "resto-rod".
Photographed this GT40 Ford across the carpark at the Southampton MAG show so didn't get close enough to see if it was genuine or a replica. Certainly looked the part though & sounded gorgeous. One of those classic designs that just can't be bettered.
This one needs no explanation. Herbie replica parked in Marlborough High Street, Wiltshire.
A G-Wiz electric microcar spotted in London. Rechargable electric motor. They give the equivalent of 600mpg, no road tax charges, no congestion charges.
'58 Ford F100 truck. The company run-about for Valley Gas Speed Shop, Newbury, Berks.
Austin 12
Spotted on a council estate in Basingstoke, Hants. Beautifully restored Austin. Possibly a 1920s Austin 12 tourer.
57 Beetle
1957 VW Beetle parked on an industrial estate in Basingstoke, Hants. Beautifully restored, it’s one of the last of the oval rear window models. A left hand drive American import.
The British weather won’t do it much good but nice to see classics being used as daily drivers.
Nice rust-free 70s Cadillac Fleetwood lives outside in all weathers on a council estate in Basingstoke, Hants.