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Monkeys at the movies


Is there a film forever etched on your memory that sparked your interest in motors?
A flick that shaped & influenced your automotive tastes?
Anything from Hells Angels '69 to Stone to Bullet to Herbie Rides Again to The Fast & The Furious. There must be dozens & dozens of good motor movies out there.
Got a favourite?
Easy Rider? Quadrophenia? American Graffiti? Mad Max? ...Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
How about sharing it with us?
Write us a few paragraphs or a full synopsis & plot evaluation. Or just tell us what made the machinery so cool.
Send it in to us at the email address on the Contacts page & we'll try & find a few film stills or maybe a cinema poster or fan website & make up a page to showcase your choice.
The Dukes of Hazzard remake? Starsky & Hutch? The Italian Job, (the original of course, not the crummy remake -or is that your fave?).
What about I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle?
Bring your own popcorn. Sssh, the lights are going down….

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