In this occasional series I aim to introduce the various tools used throughout the fabrication of your bike/trike/vehicle. Some will be must haves, like the angle grinder, others won't, like the cut-off saw, but I`ll try and cover as many as I can.
Where possible I'll show the tools that have the most features, (the higher end spec), so don't worry if your particular make/model isn't identical to the ones shown here. It'll still do it's job.
While on that subject, all images are taken from the Google Images search engine and have been edited, (text etc added), by me, unless credited/acknowleged separately.

Whilst some safety tips may be given, neither Manky Monkey Motors or I are responsible for your safety, it`s up to you to read, understand and follow the safety rules that are contained within each individual manual for the tools you buy or use.


Metal Lathe
Cut-off/Chop saw
Bench grinder
Drill Press
Electric Drill
Tap & die set
Mig Welder
Hydraulic Pipe Bender
Angle Grinder
Flap Discs
Grinding/Cutting Discs
Sanding Discs