GS 1000 Trike Build

Hello everyone, thats assuming that someone is reading this :) the following is a quick look at how this trike came about. I knew of the bike when it was brought into a “local custom shop”, where I was helping out a few years ago. The then GS1000 owner bought it into the workshop to have the seat rails lowered and to have new rear guard and brackets made and fitted, all this was done to the customers satisfaction and the bike was taken away. About 6 months later I saw the owner was riding a brand new “dragstar” so I approached him to find out what he had done with the GS, he told me it was at home and that he didn't think he would finish the project as he had bought the “dragstar”. Knowing the condition of the GS engine etc I promptly made an offer and my darling Chrissie bought it for me. She really is a wonderful girl and NO you cant have her !!!

For those of you who aren't aware, I am disabled with osteoarthritis in hips/knees etc, this year (2005) I underwent a total hip replacement to my right leg which has stopped the pain in that particular joint as it is now cobalt steel. However I have suffered with this osteoarthritis (and still do) for about 8 years or so and riding 2 wheels is not an option for me that I feel safe doing.

Having got the bike back to base I stripped it down and chopped off the seat rails & rear guard as this was going to be another trike. Originally I fitted a Reliant axle but part way into the build decided it really ought to have “Independent Suspension” on the rear, as my “osteo” was getting worse also getting older don't help :). Out came the axle and in went a “Ford Sierra Differential Unit” complete with my own design/make of “wishbone/ladder rack” suspension linkages connected to my own design/make “wheel hub carrier”. All the moving joints were fitted with “bronze bushes” and all the nuts/bolts were stainless steel. The rear suspension was given by using 4 GS1000 rear shockers Whilst making the rear end of the trike chassis, which was welded onto the original front cradle/forks, I noticed that Sierra “half shafts” are different lengths to each other so to keep the “differential” central to the trike I used 2 passenger side (I think it was) shafts which are about 40 mm shorter than the other side. This also allowed the trike to be a little narrower than it would have been. The rear guards started life as a trailer guard which was then cut into 2 equal bits, and mounted to the “hub carriers” by 25mm steel tubes. The seat was made by Glenn Moger Motorcycle Seats, he can be contacted on 07769 977096 or 02380 906115 (Southampton area).

On reflection I wish I had taken more photos of the build but me being me wanted the trike to ride not take pictures of it. Having fitted forward controls this was now ready to ride (I know I've missed lots out, sorry.. but if I had to tell you it all you probably wouldn't understand, he said in the nicest possible way)

This trike now resides on the Isle of Wight after a very reluctant sale about a year later due to my condition getting worse. I was torn between taking the trike back into the workshop and redoing the foot pegs/seating to suit my ever changing problems or sell it to fund my next project. Not wanting to alter the trike I had designed and built, the latter won. Now with a few pounds in my pocket I was able to look around for something else to “play with”. Thats all for now, ride safe - ride free – ride three :)

Triker Pete