Dave picked this pretty little trike up from the wonderful world of Ebay a week before these photos were taken & knew very little about it. It’s his first foray into triking so he‘s not yet used to it‘s handling characteristics, but already plans a few cosmetic changes. He promised me he’d send in updates to this page as & when the work is done.
So what is it then?
Well, the engine is an 800cc Honda Pacific, which I must admit I’ve never heard of. The front end is Yamaha R6, while the narrowed Reliant rear axle is covered by a ZX6R tailpiece. The tank is Suzuki Bandit. That’s all the information I have I’m afraid, but I’m hoping Dave will email me some more photos soon. Whoever built it has done a nice job. The stock parts have been chosen from a variety of machines but hang together really well to give a smooth, uncluttered design. I think I upset Dave a little by saying it would make a perfect girl’s bike! Nice & lightweight & manoeuvrable.
Very nice. Keep in touch Dave & show us what you’ve done with it.


Dave recently advertised this trike on Ebay but it didn’t meet it’s reserve price. There was some controversy over it on the 100% Biker forum as the log book describes it as a Green Reliant Robin. Dave employs several Polish immigrant workers in his business & one of them was allowed to take the trike for a spin around a supermarket carpark. He promptly ran it into a curb at enough speed to flip it over 3 times. Understandably this caused quite a bit of damage. Fortunately though, the Pole & his fellow countrymen are qualified engineers & loaded the stricken machine aboard a ferry, took it home, rebuilt it & brought it back as you see it here. They made a good job of it I think & are now actively seeking premises here in Basingstoke to start their own trike building business. 
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