Discovered this in a subway beneath a roundabout on the Basingstoke ring road, a few hundred yards from my flat. I don't know anything about it, but imagine it's the result of a joint project between the local Council & the nearby Tech College. The flowers & rememberance piece in particular are beautifully done, free-hand using aerosol cans. They've got nothing to do with bikes or cars but I just thought they deserved to be seen. Shame they're in a tunnel -wouldn't they make a great backdrop for a photo-shoot.
There are four different underpasses on this particular roundabout & each one appears to have been painted by a different artist. The ticket machine & running businessman refer to the train station to which that tunnel leads. This seems to be a bit of a trend in Basingstoke with several other subways decorated in a similar manner. Nice to see some of that youthful talent being put to good use!