Sounds Bike
The Sphygmosis 300W Soundsystem took 2 years of almost daily bodging in the workshop, Mainly because we were trying to make it out of as many recycled materials as poss, constructed of satellite Dish Brackets and dishes, Picture framing materials, and any scrap we could find in skips, due to the £. It has a front mounted 100w bass tube & Solar recharge panel, 2 handlebar mounted tweeters, 2 rear side facing speakers, 1 300WAmp, 2 trailer mounted 12" Speakers, 2 12V batteries, 1 set Of microphone operated L.E.Ds in the centre pannel of the bike.
Events Attended - Critical Mass - Central London.
Kingston Green Fair.
Winchester Hat Fair.
Big Wheel Festival- Bath.
Needless to say it has spread much enjoyment to many -and a minor passing annoyance to a few.
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Click here to view larger image