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Or maybe that should read “Friendly Attitude Customs”. click to view larger image
After spending several hours with Si Harris, the owner and chief fabricator, it was obvious that he’s a genuinely nice, friendly guy who’s passionate about what he does. Attitude Customs has been running for around 5 years, but Si has been turning out great customs for nearly 20 years prior to that from his home workshop. 
He’s the South Coast's leading builder of “Wide Arsed” V Twin bikes and trikes. Si was the first in the UK to build a bike with a 360 section rear end and builder of the world's first bike to run 360s in both front & rear. The wheel and tyre being supplied by “Taylor Made”, who are the UK’s primary manufacturer of these wide custom billet alloy wheels.
In the workshop are several custom bikes under development for various customers, mostly completely one-off machines from the ground up. Sat in one corner is a lovely V8 bike belonging to Taylor Made. The custom engineering on these machines is all done “in house” at Attitude on their own lathe, milling machine, metal roller etc -with so many toys to play with Si never gets the blues about going to work. During the past few years Attitude Customs has produced 20 Harley Sportster engined Bobbers, one of which has found its way across the channel to a French owner. The larger V twin engines are produced by “Ultima” and are anything from 100 to 127 cubic inches. These big Ultima engines are fitted with decompressers to ease starting.
There are also Harley Davidson V-Rods sat patiently on the benches with the rear ends removed awaiting to have “wide arsed” click to view larger imageswingarms & tyres fitted.
Talking of being patient, Si's own V twin trike has been waiting several years to be completed. With hugely modified Reliant rear axle and monstrously wide wheels and tyres complimented by a lovely long “springer” front end, this little machine is going to be a beast when it’s finally finished.
Not only is Si one lucky guy to have such toys in his workshop, he also has his own supply of bacon butties, cheesey chips and coffee just across the road at Chevy's Cafe, which is run by his good lady, Fern. Open 7 days a week, with bike night every Thursday. Everyone welcome so get on down there. Chrissie and I can both vouch for the great breakfast we had during our time there. click to view larger image
As you walk into the cafe you’ll see the “Mad HotDog Man” squirting himself with ketchup and mustard -a slightly odd vintage American advertising image. Once you've got over that you’ll notice a nice little grey Bobber sat demurely next to it. The owner and builder of this cool machine is none other than “Marshall”, Si and Fern's young lad. We were informed that young Marshall built this, when he was just 15 years old, in readiness for the age of 16 when he rode it up the driveway to his School Prom! How cool was that, way better than arriving in some Stretched Limo or even a Helicopter. 10 out of 10 for that Marshall, go to the top of the class!
The café’s decorated with various memorabilia on the walls, including photos of some of the bikes that belong to “The Purple Helmets”. No, not the well known crazy moped riding stunt bikers, but a group of bikers who ride out together from Chevy's Cafe. A row of purple metalflake helmets sits on a shelf, each one bearing the owner’s name. Si's own helmet carries the name “El Jefe”, which I'm told means “The Boss”. In the style of wartime fighter planes, along with their names the helmets show various stickers -an image of a bike to represent every ride it’s been on, a spanner to indicate a breakdown and a van shows the bike couldn't be fixed at the roadside and was lifted home in the works to view larger image
Fern and Si are the friendliest, most welcoming people you could hope to meet & offer a complete service to the custom fan, from the bike to the meeting place to the social life.
Don't take our word for it, get on down there yourself.
Phone Si on 07758 241123 for a quote on any custom work you need doing.

Chevy’s Café opens Mon-Fri 9am-3pm, Sat-Sun 8am-4pm. Thursday Night is Bike Night 5pm-9pm.

Words/photos by TrikerPete & Butterfly.