Ford Pop

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This little Pop’s been around for a long time now. Originally built in ’58, it was given the full custom treatment in 1979 – 80, which explains the classic 70s styling. Nothing shouts traditional British hotrod louder than a Pop with it’s bum in the air & nose in the weeds. The original Ford chassis’ been boxed –the I beam rails plated in to form a more rigid square section. The extra strength’s needed to handle the 3 & a half litre Rover V8 motor with it’s mild road cam & Cherry Bomb exhausts, hooked up to a 3 speed Borg/Warner gearbox. The chrome dagger dipstick handle & klaxon horn were considered essential for any self-respecting rod back in the decade that taste forgot.
All the traditional rodded Pop components are here- from the Triumph Vitesse independent front end, to the Jag IRS rear, all rolling on classic 70s Wolfrace slot mags. Fibreglass wings cover the rear rubber with the lights frenched in true 70s style, with steel trailer guards replacing the original Pop wings at the front.
The steel body’s been de-seamed & de-guttered, while the doors are reversed, (“suicide doors”), with their exterior handles shaved. A one-piece flip front completes the ensemble. The body’s covered in a coat of deep burgundy with the four corners finished in black. 
Inside, the big V8 means the Pop 4 seat configuration’s given way to a pair of Chevy day van “Captain’s” seats, (as used in all the best custom vans back in the 70s). A 10 inch steering wheel & electric windows are also trad’ 1970s fare, as of course, is the champagne dralon upholstery.
Owner, Mick Chapman, uses the Pop as his daily driver & says with sensible use it’ll return around 20 miles to the gallon. A nice, practical custom that still looks good after over 25 years of cruising.

Mick can be found at “True Grit” Blasting, Wallingford, Oxon.




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