Marc is a fellow Basingstoke Postie & belongs to a local VW owners’ club. He bought this gorgeous oval window Beetle back in February of 2001 from a dealership in Sussex & has been using it as his daily Summer driver ever since.
The oval window in question is the rear screen, as seen on early Beetles & quite distinctive compared to the later full width versions. Built in 1956, this is a left hand drive Swedish import. Sweden has changed direction, quite literally, several times over the years, the most recent being one Sunday morning in September 1967 when overnight the entire country switched from driving on the left to driving on the right. That must’ve been an interesting drive to work the next day!
The engine is the original 1198cc, 30bhp flat four. After 79,500 kilometres it’s still never been rebuilt & runs beautifully. The front end has been lowered with an adjustable front beam axle for that all important cool stance & a fresh coat of Horizon Blue was applied by “MoonFace” paint shop in March 2001, but otherwise the car is virtually as it left the factory, right down to the flip up “flag” indicators. The stylish Albert swan neck mirrors are American reproductions, but the genuine valve radio is a 1950s Phillips’ original -you can hear the valves buzzing as they warm up! The seats are all original too while the carpets were made by Newton & Commercial to the period VW pattern. Marc plans to replace the door panels at some point as the appropriate material is still being produced in Berlin. A recent addition since these photos were taken is a genuine period mesh external sun visor, imported specially from Australia.
This is a lovely machine. Simple, yet very stylish. The fact that it can still withstand the rigours of modern driving after half a century of continual use are testament to just how well it was designed & built. I can’t imagine many Mondeos or Astras lasting that long can you?
Nice one Marc.