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Well, to start I guess an introduction is in order. The motor’s name is Kessle for obvious number plate reasons. I didn’t christen the car but I do feel compelled to keep the tradition of naming my vehicles going.
Kes is a 1960 ford 100e popular deluxe, (“deluxe” meaning it has a heater I think). It’s presented in it’s original murky blue, (probably not Ford’s original description). Some 345,000 of these little cars were made, boasting an 1172cc engine & 3 speed gearbox.
click here to view larger imageKes is the second car I’ve owned -the first being my beloved yet incredibly dangerous Messerschmitt micro car -which had to be sold for reasons I just stated. So only 3 or 4 days after selling the death bubble I filled the unreliable transport void in my life with this 4 wheeled wonder. I discovered the car online, in Portsmouth, so on a combined mission with my father to pick up 4x4 parts for his automotive addiction, we sidetracked to visit kes. At first sight the wee motor instantly brought a smile to my face, which really is the criteria I go on for car purchases. After looking all around Kes and seeing no obvious problems, (overall it’s a very well looked after original car, which is what I was looking for), I took it for a test drive and the smile grew larger and the wallet grew thinner.click here to view larger image
The real fun came when driving home from Portsmouth on busy main roads. I quickly realised the car was drastically under-powered and under-performing. The world was whizzing by as I trundled along at a sedate 50mph, (still with smile firmly affixed). The little Ford seemed to bounce and sway as if driving a bouncy castle. Kes made it all the way from Portsmouth to Chineham in Basingstoke, about 4 miles from my house, then just expired. So I had to be towed the last 4 miles. That was a journey to remember.
Since then I’ve not undertaken any more long distance journeys due to major reliability issues, (my old enemy), although I’ve had kes up to 65 mph and starting first time every day recently. You name it though, I’ve had to learn what it is and how to fix it. It’s been a crash course in car care.
I’ve replaced the engine and all ancillaries, as well as the petrol tank; I’ve custom-made a few little things like the chrome aiclick her to view larger imager filter housing, (a tea cup heater from TK Maxx). Recent cosmetic stuff like the radiator grille and chrome headlight bezzles came from Ebay. I also removed the front bumper. Despite all this attention lavished on it, as usual and despite my best efforts, Kes is currently off the road –again, leaking essential fluids all over my garage floor.
I refuse to be beaten though & Kes will soon live once more!
by the way, "Mook" is my DJ name.

- Leon.


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