This is my Land Rover. Its a 1976 Series 3, it has a 2.25 Diesel engine.

 It really is as basic as anyone could make a car. There's no power steering, so a three point turn can be hard work.

 No ABS or even a servo to help it slow down, just a drum brake on each corner.

No sound proofing anywhere, so all you can hear is the strange noises the engine and gearboxes make and the drone of the knobbly mud terrain tyres.
There's not even a cigarette lighter.

But once you've been bitten by the Land Rover bug, none of that matters, you won't want to drive anything else.
In the summer you can roll the back and sides up or take the tilt ( that's the canvas roof) totally off, or if your really brave remove the side windows and fold the windscreen down too. In the winter you pray for snow so deep that everyone else gets stuck but a Land Rover just keeps going. ( it's just the stopping that's a problem )
The rest of the year there's always a bit of off roading to do. There's Pay and Play sites all over the country, Pay them about 25 quid and you spend all day getting dirty and stuck in the mud.

So that's it, old Land Rovers are slow and noisy but as they say " You can go fast but I can go anywhere "