1964 EH Holden
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Well, I'm not sure where to start with people that are not familiar with this Australian Icon. But here goes:
My introduction to the 1964 EH Holden was in the first year of my apprenticeship. At 15, (2 years before I was legally allowed to drive), I was hooked. To me these are THE classic Holden. Having said that! in standard condition, they are a pig by today's standards. Under powered, drum brakes, 3 speed column change, body roll and pizza cutter crossply tyres all made for an interesting drive.
The cure for all these ailments, are as follows:
186 cu in bored and stroked to 210 cu in.
Balanced Stage 3 head
350 Holley 35/75 cam
Thermo electric fans
55 mm stainless steel exhaust system
Electronic ignition
Toyota Supra 5 speed box
Ball joint and disc brake front end
8 inch mags
Lowered 75 mm
Gas shocks
Front and rear sway bars
Two pack paint
Now it is a pleasure to drive. 42 years old and in my (biased) opinion, better than new.
A little harsh in the suspension but it corners very nice. It is a bit thirsty if driven hard. The O/D box and a 3.08:1 diff give around 26 mpg cruising on the highway.

-Bob, (“Sinner”).

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